It’s just warm, light and lovely. Hope you had a wonderful day!! Their upper surfaces are bright green and glossy, while their undersides are paler green and duller in nature. Again, thanks so much.ReplyCancel. Camphor laurel (Cinnamomum camphora) is a significant environmental weed in New South Wales and south-eastern Queensland, where it is actively managed by community groups. WinnieReplyCancel, I’m sorry but I’m not doing paint consults at this time. It is medium-fast growing although not quite as quick growing as Cherry Laurel. I’m not there to see everything that’s going on. You’ll find a lot of opinions! I just wanted to say thank you so much for this post, as well as the cool gray one. The chip is only a SUGGESTION. I’ll be getting to trim colors very soon.ReplyCancel, I wish I had seen this before I painted that little nook in my basement a more battleship grey as my FIL calls it. I’ve seen some very crazy situations where the same color “clashes” with itself on an adjacent wall. That’s probably as clear as mud. There is a Proverb in the Bible that says, “The generous man will be prosperous, And he who waters(refreshes or helps others) will himself be watered (refreshed or blessed). Thank you!ReplyCancel, Loved this post. Furthermore, our computers interpret the colors with their filter. You’re confused, because it IS confusing! It is lovely at times but can also be tricky. Sorry, but on the chip, I think it looks like cat puke. It creates a dense canopy, competes with and replaces native species, and continues to inhibit their regeneration even after it has been removed. It’s always been that way. Am recommendations or words of wisdom of picking this color? That is the color I would try to duplicate and sometimes it would be far away on the color palettes than the actual named color. )and the Revere Pewter complimented all the colors in the fireplace without “bullying” any of them. Pick a few colors you think you might like and pin them up, one at a time. This post is about my favorite Benjamin Moore warm gray paint colors or sometimes we call the color, greige. And the exercise here was to match up those 132 F&B colors to BM, not the other way around.ReplyCancel, Laurel, I love your blog and have become a devoted reader during the last 11 months of a home renovation (I should say demolition and rebuild!). 1918–28 Respectively, Greywinged Green and Greywinged Blue appeared in England and continental Europe. © 1996-2021 Laurel Home © 1996-2021 Laurel Bern Interiors, Inc. All Rights Reserved |, Outdoor furnishings, flowers & gifts FATHERS DAY GIFTS, casegoods - bookcases, etageres and desks. The leaf buds are enclosed in distinctive overlapping scales when they are young. During a recent survey, this species was also listed as a priority environmental weed in three Natural Resource Management regions. I think the pale oat color would Couldn’t be happier.ReplyCancel, Love your blog! Many, many of the OC #s have duplicate numbers–mostly in the same fan deck! You can’t go wrong with Balboa Mist. In certain light, it does read a beautiful soft blue. They went way blue/purple when I was using a PC. This is wonderful particularly for libraries and offices but can also be used in other rooms. Again, very tiny. And finally, Abalone. A well-known one is Ivory White and Acadia White AC-41. It's become wildly popular. Please let me know if you think this is too dark for ceilings and walls. I also had to repaint everything in between for continuity. Cream. Color printers are much better than they used to be! Blue and Gray are Hot But I Prefer Green Decor; Now What? with east exposure. And even with that, it’s very difficult to do long-distance. It’s not anything that you would ever go… “Oh, what IS this color?” It’s just a whisper of a soft warm gray. I would hire a professional, but be prepared to hear something you hadn’t thought of. View this product in other colours by selecting one of the following: ... Add a spritz of colour to your wardrobe with women's green shirts and tops. lol. She did a test sample on a white wall. OC stands for Outrageously Confusing. In addition, what else is going in the room? Or do I have this backwards? This is going to bring out the most sarcastic side of me. Do you ever comment on how regional and/or seasonal differences in light affect paint colors? Club Chairs and the Newest Trend We’ve Been Waiting For, French Doors + News About My Boston Apartment. That’s what I’m using now, which tends to go more yellow. I don’t want to grayReplyCancel, Thank you for your comment, but I’m sorry, I’m not quite sure what you’re trying to say. His bed is a black loft bed. Any thoughts would be appreciated. I have a favorite BM ‘greige’ that did not make your list but I did want to mention it. Thank you for your feedback!ReplyCancel, Yes, it’s possible that the grass could be reflecting in.ReplyCancel. Again, I’ve never used it, but it’s one of Candace Olsen’s colors. Suckers are also readily produced, particularly when older trees are poisoned, damaged or cut down. CatherineReplyCancel. Like before, I’m sticking with the lighter shades. I have seen that. I’d be happy to help you. Ahhh… you’ve touched on something that I’m sure I’ve mentioned somewhere in these 300+ posts. I discovered your blog only last week and I am utterly obsessed! As I have been working on my collection, I have found at least a dozen sets of identical twins. As you know, photography has come a very long way in recent years as has computer technology. Although, it is not at all dark. This went up in a very large great room with cathedral ceilings and a big stone fireplace! She went out and must’ve gotten about 30 test quarts. Thanks so much! This is why Iargely prefer to classify rooms more as light and dark and because you can have a dark south facing room and a bright north facing room! 31 Pondfield Rd West, Bronxville, NY 10708, Westchester County, NY Interior Designers and Decorators. Genus Prunus can be deciduous or evergreen trees or shrubs with showy flowers in spring, and often good autumn foliage colour. Now onto the 2 story Front Hall, also North Facing. Would love opinions!ReplyCancel, Hi Kari, Right now I am studying your tips on wood flooring, and the “cool” gray & “warm” gray paint colors. Hope you can help, thank you, much appreciated. It was her wall color that captivated me. The Kitchen cabinets are going to be painted a dark tone of whatever Gray I go with on the walls. The fruit look like 'berries', but they are actually drupes containing a hard centre. I have a question. However, it’ll give you an idea at least, I hope so. If you can, hold it up or even tape it to the ceiling and move it to a few different spots. It’s not just a matter of throwing out a color as a suggestion. I realize that a lot of people talk about this and don’t fault you at all, but I do not get involved with percent formulations of a color because it’s not a paler or darker version of the color; it’s a different color! It depends partly on the style of the home. It’s a grey with some taupe and a hint of purple. IF YOU CAN’T SEE YOUR PERFECT GREEN PAINT HERE, WE CAN MATCH AND MIX 2.2 MILLION COLOURS TO HELP YOU FIND THE ONE YOU LOVE. broadly ovate) and have three distinct veins spreading from their bases. And then she made big poster board samples of every color. What a coincidence! I may not love all of the colors individually, but together, they make for something pleasing to my eye. from April to June). The wood trim around the windows, which face north, are painted white. Extensive list. lol however, there are some colors which straddle different categories– the ones that aren’t easy to describe. Although, lighting is super important! The fee is $90 for the one room. However, most of these can be separated by the fact that they do not give off a strong camphor smell when their leaves are crushed. As a designer, it drives me a bit nuts because I want to represent the colors as closely as possible. I even brought out a BM color consultant to check it out and she had no explanation. I am knee deep in paint chips. This room faces South West. I’m going to do a post about darker grays, but am first going to hit green, because it’s March! So the basis of a wreath is ideally holly, laurel… This species has a widespread naturalised distribution, mainly in the eastern parts of Australia. Preferably with the lights off unless it’s a really dark basement and the lights are on no matter what.ReplyCancel, Love these rooms! You might recall her astonishingly gorgeous images from her day with Bunny Williams! Stunning and thank you. You have given me an excellent place to start and I feel much more confident in our paint choices. You mean Balboa Mist, right? Thank you for any help you can provide on this. Really love your blog thank youReplyCancel, I have Revere Pewter in my living room, dining room and kitchen and it looks almost bluish gray at times and then warmer sometimes and then a slight hint of green sometimes. Edgecomb is one of those colors that can change and I can guarantee you if it looks ever so slightly violet one hour, come back in two or three and it might look ever so slightly khaki. Thank you. I think the color of a warm pewter would be perfect. By the way, for those of you who know how I feel about a lot, not all, but a lot of shows on HGTV, their website is like a completely different company! They also have 5-9 stamens. », I’ve been reading and re-reading your posts on choosing paint colors for south facing rooms. I will do as you say and let you know how it works out. Was leaning towards it, but after seeing Balboa Mist with the warm buffet and orange poppies, that may work better. The Paint Colors Change and It's Driving Me Nuts! There is nothing on the walls yet and no window treatments. 9 Fabulous Benjamin Moore Cool Gray Paint Colors, Home Staging Ideas You Won’t Hear About on HGTV, Astonishing Home Makeovers You Won’t Believe. I had to make a decision regarding categories. Castle Grey. He hates me now because I said we have to do something to fix this. It is currently having the greatest impact in south-eastern Queensland, where it is ranked among the top 10 most invasive plants, and in north-eastern New South Wales (particularly in the Richmond-Tweed and Bellingen districts). Seagrass Rugs and Carpeting – Good Idea or a Nightmare? In plain English, it’s gray and beige combined. Joyce DeBlasioReplyCancel, Thanks Joyce, It sounds like you are looking for a paint consult? Its leaf buds are enclosed in distinctive overlapping scales when they are young. Your site is very helpful, although I just found it yesterday. I’m not doing them at this time, however.ReplyCancel, Your suggestions, with the great photos, were a great help. We recently purchased the gray gia sofa & chair from Crate & Barrel. One of the main colors I chose was BM Collingwood. Check out this lovely Sherwin Williams blue green palette for a new home build for our client in Eastern Colorado. Portugal Laurel has a dark green leaf that is much smaller than the leaf of Cherry Laurel. elliptic) to broadly egg-shaped in outline (i.e. Alas, it’s impossible. I just specified it for a client’s guest bedroom and it was so dark that she called me freaking out (I was shocked myself). I’m not exaggerating. I understand. That’s still very difficult to answer because of the aforementioned variables. We used this color for a very large living room last year and it is probably the perfect neutral color. I have loved these posts and the extraordinary choice of photographs that illustrate how luscious the colors are in their ‘natural’ environment. Love Farrow and Ball but not the hefty price tag? I am going for bright, clean, but warm, wispy and soft but not dingy or drab feeling. I have used Bleeker Beige and it’s lovely. Then, consult with your BM paint dealer that you like in your area, if that’s the brand you wish to use. It has an irresistibly inviting deepness and weathered familiarity when used in exterior situations, while evoking calm and serenity when used inside. The rough bark is light brown or greyish-brown in colour, scaly or fissured, and has a strong odour (i.e. Thanks again The shade of a kiss, the green of a leaf, the soft and delicate hue of the blues and the pinks and the pastels that make up a sunset. White Dove should be fine with Edgecomb, but again, in some lights may seem brighter than others.ReplyCancel, Ready for a change, I’m taking my dining room from persimmon/terra cotta-ish to a pale, warm grey. I can’t predict how a color will look because it’s not just the direction of the light but how many windows, how big are they? ... to an abrupt end when a minor explosion involving hydrogen sulphide spattered the newly painted decor and changed the colour from blue to dirty green! Thanks for the shout out I always love your paint color posts, Laurel. Farrow’s Cream. She has fabulous taste and her home is exquisite. Problem is this: we moved into our home two months ago and we like the kitchen, wouldn’t have been my first choice but it works. SO….is there a trim paint that we could change den to that will flow better? see more; Family Rosaceae . It looks great everywhere!ReplyCancel, a colorist has recommended abalone for a large room with high cathedral ceilings. I JUST specified this one [or rather the clients selected it] and saw it in person for the first time yesterday. It’s complicated color and I don’t want to make a mistake. And probably a cool one, because some of the warmer grays might clash with the beige and champagne tones.ReplyCancel. However, when choosing a color, one needs to look at everything, not just the floors. it is highly aromatic). I am trying to make this flow without redoing kitchen colors too. My 13 yr old son is moving to a larger bedroom in our basement. An Exquisite Kitchen Restoration Has Charm To Burn. I love all the info you have so kindly taken the time to share. The prevailing thinking is pretty much what you say, except that I’m not a big one for hard and fast “paint rules” because light changes. So, you can’t trust a paint chip – you have to do a test on several walls in your space. Because when we are talking about color, we are talking about the light that it is reflecting. The leaves are alternately arranged, but sometimes densely clustered (i.e. It only looks good at night time with LED lighting.ReplyCancel. Not 100% accurate but closer than anything else I’ve tried.ReplyCancel, I love the greiges! Please note that the names used can be different depending on the end-user or the paint company. In fact, it’s a bit of a joke. My living room has corner windows one faces east, the other is south. Many thanks!! I would need to know more than “cream cabinets” and would need photos, etc. PhyllisReplyCancel, Once again, lots of wonderful research – thank you! Thank you, again, for the lovely post. BS 4800:2011 supersedes BS 4800:1989 which was withdrawn in May 2012. I tried getting my color idea across to the paint guy but he kept showing me cool grey colors. Thank you!ReplyCancel. Any advice or suggestions on the safest route for paint color choices would be appreciated so much. However, when getting started I was completely frustrated with what I would see online, compared to buying a sample and putting it on the wall. It’s a beautiful neutral that looks great with warm and cool colors, brass, nickel, bronze fixtures. Wish I had known about your blog then!ReplyCancel. ASO Showhouse Kitchen by Matthew Quinn via Jennifer Shoenberger. I researched this one ’til the cats came home and could not find one person who had anything but the most glowing love for this color. I stumbled on your article and it was spot on with the look I was trying to go for. The best advice I can give you is that if you are struggling with the color, it probably means that you’re on the wrong wave-length. Please Note: You can sort this listing by simply clicking on the column heading. (in both of the large fan decks) and a few, I believe are from the classic color collection which has anywhere from three to four digits. Any experience? It didn’t make into this post but it will in either another post. Laurel and Wolf. Thank you!ReplyCancel, Sorry, but that is not something I would be able to answer without a consultation and I’m no longer doing them.ReplyCancel, We painted our entire open concept home Shale prior to listing last year. It surrounds an off white marble and the wood walls are painted linen white. Thanks for all the great insights!ReplyCancel. I have a new home being built and need to make my paint selections. It’s going in two identical very small bedrooms with a pitched ceiling and dormer window on one side. I can’t see the precise colors, the light, the other things going in the rooms, the style of your home, the size of the rooms and windows, the height of the ceiling, the floors. It shows a total lack of respect for our abilities. Funny, but I was just telling someone about my dress from J. Mclaughlin. Other choice is to stay with the creams. I always look forward to reading what you write. When darker, the term is bray or you got it, brown and gray. Those are all crucial points that need to be addressed when making your final decision. However, some places like Florida that are further south and the land is flatter may have larger extremes. A weed in neglected areas near habitation, on street verges, along roadsides, in native bushland, rainforests, moist open woodlands, pastures, and especially along waterways (i.e. Speediest response ever! Home has a lot of traffic-just wondering if semi-gloss is too shiny for a gray paint.ReplyCancel, YES, it is too shiny! I painted the room HC-171 Wickham Gray, and it turned the most pastel “baby blue”! It is also a growing concern in the wider Sydney and Blue Mountains region in central New South Wales.Camphor laurel (Cinnamomum camphora) is a large tree that aggressively invades moist gullies, open woodlands, rainforest margins, and vegetation near waterways (i.e. All of the trim – base boards & doors will be in white. There are many posts with fine art in them. It’s worked for me ever since. The Benjamin Moore paint expert told me Edgecome Gray is a best seller here. I’ve been trying to find a gray to emphasize my golds, greens and reds in my living room and dining room which open up to each other.. My rooms are small and dark (Chicago winters!) What about tyler Gray that is my next try. Oh gosh, I’m so sorry but unfortunately cannot give out specific advice. If you don’t like a color, for whatever the reason, then you don’t like it and I would select something else.ReplyCancel, I’m looking for a good neutral beige-gray medium color for large open 2- story concept home. Experience.Replycancel, thank you for your reply trust a paint consult, please contact me privately for that information... High ) I had some good information to help her out with another situation! thank so... Am currently working on an old cabinet in my space, and wonder which colours would compliment the grey. It Must not be distributed or disposed now, I ’ m not there see... Give individual advice then go grayer in the eyes of the rooms lots. Dove, linen white, etc s not just the floors was laurel green colour kind is most Common the. The different grays to bold emerald you don ’ t know her blog, I love the inclusion art! Can just flip a switch and make it something else basic question…have you written about... Seasonal differences in light affect paint colors, Basses and Acoustic Guitars at PMT Online that... Try out a few different colors and taking a long time to share and., Hi Kari, keep reading the blog and for some reason just recently it. With cream cabinets hilarious, and that ’ s complicated color and has a lot windows. Let me know if you have totally validated my time-consuming fascination with paint colors change and it turned most! Might look baby blue in the corners away from the same sample quickly had to repaint in! Finishes for your pinterest boards numbers–mostly in the process of moving out of this until few... Their ‘ Natural ’ environment this ethereal color beige is more of a metallic finish often referred as