The simplicity, the freshness, and the presentation, are all factors that contribute to eating sushi in Japan and make it such a glorious food experience. Hi Mark, video and foods look so insanely good. Website: And oden is a Japanese food that I wouldn’t classify as looking too pretty from its appearance. I love foods so much, and I have watched many of your videos. No question you are a lover of food in all its many, many forms. Nice to see your blog as well! you make my days very interesting and you always leave me hungry!! I’ll be sure to check out some of the places you’ve suggested in my next trip to Japan. i want to go Osaka one day.. and vist the castle…as well as the tuna place you went to in the market. Hi Weiyi, that’s awesome to hear, glad you had such a great trip! I was there for 4 years and most of my days were spent trying out different eateries. Hi Zachary, thank you very much for your support, really appreciate it. I have to be honest and say I didn’t actually eat at Ajinoya Okonomiyaki (味乃家), but when I was getting some video editing done, Ying went off with her sister and had okonomiyaki here. Thank you very much Yuletak, hope you have a great upcoming trip to Osaka! Address: 4-21 Nanbasennichimae, Chuo Ward, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture 542-0075, Japan We will be in Osaka, Kyoto, Nara and Kobe during Christmas and New Years period, super excited! I recently found your blog and videos channel while watching your Singapore food vlogs. Thanks! My aunt served me a traditional Japanese breakfast every morning. Thanks a lot for show me such a big variety of Asian food …this week our recipe is a desert but I can’t wait to try to make sushi or one of those delicious kabbots! Are you able to eat most seafood? The udon noodles are all made in house, and I chose to order the curry udon, which came with a pile of shredded green onions and a poached egg (maybe?) Kiji was packed when I went, so the staff and chief were under water, I had to wait 1.5 hours before getting served. ※please take a look at tako-sen . While Japanese curry can’t compare to the depth of spice in Indian or Thai curries, there’s something about Japanese curry that just makes one warm and fuzzy inside – perhaps it’s the mild blend of curry powder, the thick rich gravy sauce, the option of a fried pork katsu cutlet, and the fresh steamed Japanese rice. He’s very into Japanese culture at the moment and ihas been learning a bit of Japanese LOL! thenk’s for reading long comments. Everything looks so good! We would be honored if you could check our recipes! Regards, Prices: Dwight and I had a few drinks and about 15 skewers of yakitori for around 5,000 JPY ($41.61) I’m traveling to Japan with my boyfriend in the winter, and we’re definitely using your videos and your blog posts as a guide Thanks for creating such awesome material! Thanks for this awesome post Mark! Watch the entire video of this unexpected, late night yakitori and sake here: On my last night in Osaka, my wife and I were walking around the Namba train station area and went into the walking street of Doguyasuji. Cheers Mate!! I have been following you for a long time. If you like drinking beer, a few skewers of salty and crispy kushikatsu makes a pretty good beer snack. I do not get time to travel but it is because of people like you there are so many new things and places I get to see. Can’t wait to eat!!!! Glad you enjoy Tayu Tayu, a fantastic little place – such good food and friendly service. Hi Mark! If I spot a good eatery I’ll let you know But yes, after 2 weeks in Japan, I was definitely ready to start eating some spicy food. Hey Mark Hi Mark, Yakitori, Japanese grilled skewers of chicken, is one of my favorite Izakaya foods. I also recommend for people interested. Great article mark! In addition to normal nigiri sushi that includes a ball of rice and a slice of fish on the top, Osaka is also famous for its old style box sushi, known as hako-zushi, and available at markets through Osaka, the basements of departments stores, and a famous restaurant called Yoshino Zushi. I will be travelling alone and I just love Japanese food, not too much on the ramen though. However, I especially love sushi rolls when they are made with tempura. Need to go to Japan someday. But how do you manage to be so fit after eating . Our restaurant is known for its variety in taste and high quality fresh sushi. By luck, I was also traveling in Osaka when you started releasing your vlogs ! Hey Mark! Located somewhere within the confusion of Osaka’s massive Umeda station, within the Eki Marche Osaka food center is Camp Curry (野菜を食べるカレー), a camping and backpacking themed Japanese curry restaurant. Hi Ellis, thank you very much, and so cool to hear you’re going to Japan tomorrow. Hey Shirley, great to hear you’ll be visiting Osaka soon. I’m glad you finally posted a video featuring okonomiyaki. Wow! Thank you for your support. They looked so fresh and the tuna….UNBELIEVABLE! Hi Yoiyoibei, thank you very much for the recommendation, that looks delicious. Anyway we can download this information onto PDF format as I want it stored into my ipad when I visit Osaka? They were all very detailed and helpful. I wasn’t really expecting to eat here, but after visiting the Instant Ramen Museum, we decided to have a real bowl of ramen, and we stepped into a ramen restaurant that looked good, and because I can’t speak or read Japanese, we had no clue it was Hakata Ippudo Ramen until we got in and started reading the menu. Hi Mary, thank you for reading and for watching our videos. I know it is going to be worth it but then, still have to save more and perhaps one day go on impulse, like you! Hah, thank you Bruce, that sounds about exactly like what I do when I think about tuna as well! Shokudo restaurants are common throughout Osaka, and you’ll pass many as you walk around the city. Thank you for such a fantastic post! I use Adobe Premiere CC for editing. Thanks for sharing. Hope you have an amazing trip! Hey Yuri, great to hear from you, thank you very much. You can now eat Japanese food like sushi or tempura all over the world. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. did you happen to come across this one by any chance? If you’re ready to take on some parts of the cow that you didn’t even know were possible to eat, a horumon experience is something you can’t miss in Osaka. Excellent, thank you for the Kappo recommendation as well, would love to visit when I visit Osaka next time. Die in Liuzhou, China. They are sometimes family run, other times they are chain style cafeteria restaurants. Located just down the street from where we stayed for the first week when we were in Osaka, we went to Sanshyu Udon (情熱うどん 讃州) for lunch one day. A quick search on Foursquare lead us to Tokisushi (ときすし), a small and friendly sushi bar, where they serve some seriously good sushi. I wrote down all the different types of sushi and rolls I wanted, handed it to our kind waitress, and within minutes our platter of sushi arrived. Hi Osamu, thank you very much, and thank you for the tips as well. The restaurant turned out to be Takoyaki Wanaka (たこやき道楽 わなか 千日前本店), one of the more famous brands of takoyaki in Osaka with multiple branches around the city. Hopefully one day, you could arrange a trip to Vancouver, BC, Canada. Hi Lee, thank you very much, really appreciate your support. I don’t normally write reviews and such , but dude you are killing it. Restaurants near Osaka Station City, Osaka on Tripadvisor: Find traveler reviews and candid photos of dining near Osaka Station City in Osaka, Osaka Prefecture. Open hours: 5 am – 2 pm (closed on Sunday and Holidays) As for beef and chicken only the ones that being slaughtered accordingly I can eat. Really well written and entertaining read, Mark. Greetings to your family and thank you all for watching our videos. . Best of luck. Born in Suzhou, China more different kinda Japanese regional cuisine all over Japan your experience is very inspiring! The cities and a little daunting. everything looks incredible omg i really love sushi. I enjoyed watching your video, and your expression for every new “taste sensation.” I am going to Japan in a couple of weeks, and am soooo looking forward to the food!!!! Japanese curry is quite a fusion food, a curry flavor that originally comes from India, but routed through the curry culture of Britain. It’s been said many times that some of the best international restaurants in the world are found in Japan – for instance you’ll find some of the best Italian food outside of Italy in Japan. This is yet another place I went with Dwight. Needless to say, it was delicious! A crunchy fried stick dipped in the sauce is surprisingly tasty. I get to travel with you, and that’s a wonderful thing. Just a commment about you guys eating raw chicken (sashimi) . You inspired me to be a food blogger but I don’t know how to start. This is one of the best food blog post I have ever seen. My 10 years daughter choose this over Disney Tokyo….My girl Aiko want to visit visit the Wasabi farm but later we found that Osaka region is also full of culinary adventure, so we are planning to do that this year. I’m working on a map right now, it’s not fully complete yet, which is why I didn’t yet include it, but as soon as I finish it, I’ll post it into this Osaka guide. Thank you very much for a GREAT INFORMATIVE about Food in OSAKA. But probably my favorite is Kuidaore, a term that translates to eating oneself into bankruptcy. How to get there: Take the subway to Nakazakicho Exit 1. But you still walk around expensive area, Shinsaibashi and Umeda, in Osaka. Hi Rosita, you’re welcome, glad this is helpful. Or try the grilled sparrow…really good. We had no idea where we were going on that last night, and most of the izakaya’s were all full at that time because it was right around 7 pm when we went… luckily that place had 3 empty seats and we jumped on them. Hey Sharon, you’re welcome, glad it’s helpful. Osaka Sushi. Tayutayu Nambasennichimaeten (たゆたゆ 難波千日前店) is an izakaya that specializes in grilled pork known as yakiton, and they really emphasize the random parts of the pig (known in Japanese as horumon). As the batter becomes partially cooked, and when the chef determines the correct time, the chef takes a duo of chopsticks and works quickly to form the batter into balls, keeping the octopus in the center. Also was it hard getting over the language barrier. The delivery person brings it via bicycle in a cooler on a nice melamine plate that you return the next time you order. Menu. Address: 3-4-4 Ebisu-higashi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka 556-0002 , Osaka Now I have thanks to you, a lot of good places to visit when I finally take my vacation and make this trip. Mark, thanks for the blog and videos. Awesome food ! Thank you for the videos and blog.i really really enjoy watching it.???? Will be going to Osaka just for the food after three weeks of rock climbing in china. We ordered the same things as you except only young chicken and we were not disappointed. And along with serving awesome sushi, their service was excellent, and all the staff were friendly and helpful. Love your work but must draw the line at RAW chicken!! Izakaya at Namba is Shimotaya. Also Koga Ryu should be Kouga. As always thank you Mark for such a lovely vlog/blog y buenos dias. Love your vlogs! It tastes good sometimes, but to me it’s just kind of like a big pancake, and there’s not that much to it. While you’ll often seen the advertising for the most beautiful marbled slices of wagyu, another popular yakiniku meal is known as horumon bbq, the random bits of meat like stomach and esophagus. In my opinion I didn’t taste any gaminess (a little perhaps in the dry aged meat mentioned), but not in the typical bbq yakiniku style. Awesome blog!!! I can’t go to Japan now but I enjoyed this amazing food from your video. Hi Mark, Osaka is home to one of the largest fish markets in Japan, with a lively tuna auction that goes down early in the morning to get the sushi and sashimi started for the day. You’ll find a few other branches of Hakata Ippudo Ramen in Osaka, including one at Namba. Hi Thiha, nice to hear from you, and thank you very much for reading and sharing this food guide. like a hot dog or taco. It’s so comprehensive and colourful all the photos. The broth is technically shoyu, but it’s heavy and buttery, and perfectly salty and creamy, with both slices of chashu and a scoop of fragrant wok fried pork, to make the flavor even better. I find your recommendations on food very interesting.When I am in Japan I shall visit and taste all what you written about. One question: is takoyaki the same thing as a Hong Kong dumpling? Will bookmark this blog and use it as a guide. Yes, very doable, do it all, and enjoy the food! Hakata Ippudo Ramen is one of the most famous Japanese ramen brand chains, with branches all over Japan, and even in other countries – like Thailand. even doing many times I am currently in Ikeda, Osaka. -Mike. Can’t wait to eat all that great food, we leave for Japan next Wed! planning to visit japan next year, love to hear about your blog, thank you very much. I now know for sure where to land first if and when I’ll visit Japan ! My husband and I are both chef de cuisine, living in Luxembourg, Europe. It has Hakata in the name, the old name for central Fukuoka. Do any searches for the best sushi in Osaka, and you’ll quickly come up with Endo Sushi, a famous restaurant located at the Osaka fish market. I ended up with level 9 but next time i will choose level 10 haha . 248-850-7830 . Keep up the good work this was great I watched every episode while you were in osaka! Hope you and Ying makes some kids to carry on the great work you do. THANK YOU MARK for this very informative and interesting read. Do you like my photos? Ramen Yashichi (らーめん弥七) is a small restaurant, but they maintain a quality and flavor of ramen that blew me away. haha I cannot wait to try out some of the dish! Thanks! As per your recommendation/video, I went to TayuTayu one night right after trying Kiji, for which I didn’t know you went there as well ! The kobe beef on top of our list ;D. Thanks for the blog. Zoom in to see updated info. Just wondering why do you know so many nice place to try food and drinks consider this trip is a rush trip (on your day 1 video you said your decision is a bit rush for go/no go). Shelby Menu. How to get there: Tokisushi (ときすし) is located very close to the Namba area of Osaka. Unfortunately I didn’t run pass by you during those days -I’m now back in Tokyo for additional days before going back to Paris-. Ying ordered the cold udon noodles, in a light shoyu broth, that was ice cold, with an egg, thin pieces of pork, and ginger included. Thanks you. She would rather watch you than Disney, Sesame Street, cartoons, or anything else This blog post is amazing! You can go there directly by train. Something similar to the Tokyo Google Map which is an excellent resource!! Sanshu means 3 kinds, and Sanshyu is romantic ways to call Kagawa prefecture. But worth the wait anyway. Hey Mark! Especially the ones about japan. How to get there: Ramen Yashichi (らーめん弥七) is very close to Nakatsu Subway station. . I’ll be going Kyoto, Osaka and Wakayama this April and without a doubt I’ll be following your food guide! This is just one of the few (as well many other) reason Japan is on my bucket list. Say hello to your family and give a big hug to your daughter from Ying and I! By far the best food blogs I’ve seen ! So I think as long as you go to a specific chicken sashimi restaurant in Japan, it’s not a concern. Known as a winter food throughout Japan, oden includes an assortment of ingredients simmered in a broth prepared with a hint of both dashi and soy sauce, giving it a light and soothing flavor. Thank you, a Japan food and travel tour would be really cool! Hi Mark ! Come to Osaka today for savory Japanese food and a refreshing dining experience. ), Anyways, hope to hear from you soon. 0. Greetings to your family! I’m going with my wife in March to Osaka and a bit of saliva fell on the computer while reading your blog!! Clawson Menu . Food so enticing. Around Umeda and Osaka stations, where there are lots of people, you’ll find numerous Japanese diner restaurants, all of which serve pretty tasty food. . This writeup couldn’t have come at a better time after the mouth watering article on Tokyo. Thank you. Probably Magic Spice is one of the most renowned eating spots among spicy food lovers like you. Hi Julia, that’s a great question, and I will try to write a few more posts regarding this. However, like in the one pictured, they did have beef skewers cooking in the broth. Japan here I come! Osaka Japanese Food & Sushi menu in image format shown on this website has been digitised by I’ll be travelling mainly because of the food so… yeahhh…. Have a great remaining time in Osaka, and enjoy that sushi for me! It’s almost 23:00 in Europe and even though I had a hearty dinner I began to crave some Japanese titbits. How to get there: Chayamamchi Maguroya (梅田芝田一丁目まぐろや) is located on the west edge of Umeda Station, near the railroad tracks. Best Cheap Eats in Osaka, Osaka Prefecture: Find Tripadvisor traveler reviews of THE BEST Osaka Cheap Eats and search by price, location, and more. Truly helpful. Hi Amogh, thank you very much, and glad you and your wife would like to visit Japan and especially Osaka. Food was always excellent and the prices were great. The result of this popular street food is a bunch of vegetables and even meats, all skewered, coated in a light batter, and deep fried until golden brown. If not, this post might help: Thank you! Now I can go and check out some of these places too. I would definitely go back there if I travel back to Osaka. Will write more soon. Part of the joy of eating okonomiyaki is seeing it being made right before you, and eating it socially with a group of friends. I have been dying to return to Japan for a food tour, but it is so big. keep up the good work mark! Have you already started a food blog? Located somewhere in the middle of Japan’s longest shopping street (Tenjinbashisuji Shotengai – try to pronounce this one), Harukoma Sushi (春駒 支店) is popular sushi restaurant in Osaka, and I absolutely loved it. I would recommend it for the next time. Anyway, great great location ! When our train arrived to Kobe, we met up with Lauralee and her husband, who drove us out to La Shomon (焼肉バル), one of their beef restaurants located in the Tarumi area of Kobe. I wanted to do a food tour but they were to expensive so a friend of mine suggested I make a list of foods and go out and find them during my without you the list would be quite short. Saw you on Zimmerin Bangkok show and was sold on your food opinion. Open hours: 11 am – 2 pm for lunch at 5 pm – 10 pm for dinner on Tuesday – Sunday (closed on Monday) But don't let that deter you--if you enjoy beautifully prepared rolls, albeit covered in a sauce, then Osaka might be your place. Nice to see your blog and your story as well. Have no fear; we’ve compiled a list of all the Osaka Japanese Restaurant locations. Don’t go to Harukoma Sushi (春駒 支店) looking for delicate, extremely beautiful sushi (the kind that won’t make you full). Hi mark, I’ve loved this series in Japan, although I’d probably knock down an old lady to get some of that tuna you were showing us. Keep on traveling and blogging. Bay Area / Bentencho / Yodoyabashi / Hommachi / Tanimachi / Kyobashi, “Best Mushroom Bacon Swiss Burger I’ve...”, “Paid our money - never got to eat our food”, “Every time this is a journey to flavor...”, “The taste and quality of the meat between the, “Put this as your home base for North...”, “They got the feel right but the burger...”, “Brilliant burgers in a fantastic ambiance!”, Shinsaibashi / Nanba / Tennoji / South Area Hotels, Bay Area / Bentencho / Yodoyabashi / Hommachi / Tanimachi / Kyobashi Hotels, Hotels with Complimentary Breakfast in Osaka, Hotels near Shinsaibashi-suji Shopping Street, European Restaurants with Buffet in Osaka, Italian Restaurants for Large Groups in Osaka, Restaurants for Special Occasions in Osaka, Restaurants near HOTEL THE FLAG Shinsaibashi, Restaurants near InterContinental Hotel Osaka, Restaurants near Osaka Marriott Miyako Hotel, Restaurants near Hotel Universal Port Vita, Restaurants near karaksa hotel Osaka Namba, Restaurants near Fraser Residence Nankai Osaka, Restaurants near Osaka Shiritsu Toyo Toji Museum. I enjoyed your vlogs and blog. Address: 1-21-2 Nihonbashi Chuo-ku Osaka-shi Osaka Hi Toki, good to hear from you, and glad some of the seafood dishes looked good to you as well. Hi Timmy, thank you very much for your kind and encouraging words. I did not know Ramen (Cup Noodles) was invented in Japan, I thought this instant food was from China. We will be staying there for 12 days so we are really excited to try their food. For myself, it depends on what mood I’m in that determines what styles of ramen I feel like eating. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to try them yet, but on my next trip to Japan, that will be my goal! I’ll be going there in early December, so I’ll definitely try some on your list with the limited time I have there… Cheers! Website: There was a really tiny hole in the wall shop at the basement of Daimaru in Kobe that did the best Maguro-toro with negi (shallots) and sesame dressing…. Not sure yet, but I’d like to go to Indonesia soon. Finally, the toppings, and most notably, the thick slices of pork chashu, and the spoonful of raw minced garlic, elevates a bowl of ramen to perfection. When you gonna visit hk?! Do you remember which restaurant you ate at? We have a little sampling of Japan last September, for 4 days only but simple fall in love to Japan. Let’s not forget fugu (blowfish). The restaurant, located just a stones throw from Osaka’s Namba train station, is small and friendly, and you’ll see the mouthwatering photos of their curry on the glass outside the restaurant. Takoyaki – the most famous of all Osaka food. Thank you again! Along with the occasional oyakodon (chicken and egg rice bowl), one of my favorite meals to eat at a cafeteria diner restaurant in Japan is the broiled mackerel set, which typically comes on a tray, served with a few small side salads and pickles, and a bowl of rice. Thank you Lynn, have an amazing trip to Japan! Thank you, I started doing a lot of research quickly, on local blogs / websites, and also when I started posting on social media I would get recommendations on where to eat from locals. There are plenty of Yakiniku restaurants in Osaka like Susumu and Matsuzakagyu, but since Kobe is so close to Osaka, it’s also fun to take a day trip to Kobe for some beef as well. This is awesome mark! Udon is a thick and chewy Japanese noodle made with wheat flour, and served in a variety of different ways. Often hear people saying, just walk into any random restaurant/cafe in Japan, it will be good. Thank you!! Before we get into the meat, I just want to touch on the fact that even though you’re eating indoors, you’ll likely get real charcoal to cook your meat over, not a gas powered grill – and this makes so much difference in flavor. Homesick! I’ll admit and say that I’m not the hugest lover of okonomiyaki. This blog and video is very useful when planing a trip to japan, the yakiniku and the kobe beef looks so delicious. Hi Lester, thank you for reading, glad you enjoyed it! How to get there: The branch I ate at is located just off the Ikeda train station, near the Instant Ramen Museum. For sushi, my uncle ordered delivery. it was cheap and generous and best of all delish! Thanks to your work I have clearer picture what to anticipate..Awesome work! Hey Jeff, thank you very much, and I appreciate your recommendation. I love watching your videos! 10 pcs. Ika no shiokara, salted squid, is delightful with a cold beer or sake. First up was yakiniku lunch at La Shomon in Kobe which was amazing! i’ve heard that japan have other even better beef than kobe beef! I ordered their main speciality, a plate of Japanese curry with a pork katsu on top, a cup full of green onions, and finally a soft half cooked egg placed over everything. If you’re not too picky, the best way to order yakitori is to just order the amount of skewers you want in your set, and let the chef mix and match the parts of the chicken for you. How to get there: You’ll see them making takoyaki somewhere in the middle of the walking street at Kuromon Ichiba Market. When you're near Osaka Castle, head just slightly further afield to Udon Ippuku in Tanimachi Yonchome. Thank you very much Gloria, hope you can visit Japan in the future! Just border to France! My mouth was already watering just reading your blog thanks! We tried most of your recommendations and honestly – the food was incredible! Map updates are paused. Now that we are living Catalonia, I miss Asia food in general. Last year i was in Tokyo and there was a Japanese curry restaurant where you can pick the spicyness level from 1 -10! Awesome guide! I’ve actually been to CoCo, but at a branch in Bangkok, and I think I went with something like an 8 or 9 as well, but should have gone for the 10 too. Hi Mark, |(From Viet Nam). ※tamago-yaki you are not new to my family. Prepare yourself to drool over these 41 meals, each featuring mouthwatering photos, details, and where you can eat it. Just like takoyaki, and even similar in ingredient makeup, is Osaka’s okonomiyaki, yet another food that originates from Osaka, and people passionately love to eat. In this Osaka food guide blog, I’m going to share with you 11 Japanese foods to try in Osaka, and then share restaurants where you can try them. Now I know where some of the known good places are. Your review of P’Aor in Bangkok basically made me buy a ticket to Thailand… Thanks so much and keep doing what you do! I love watching your YouTube videos! The wait was long but it was so worth it. Also, a big thank you to Dwight Turner who is responsible for encouraging Ying and I to come to Osaka on an impulse decision. I’m heading to Japan next month from Australia and this will be a great guide . Hi Thiago, nice to hear from you, and that you’re planning to visit Japan in the future. If you take a walk down the main walking street of the market, you’re bound to see a nice lady dishing out piping hot vegetables, tofu, and skewers, from a scary looking vat of brown bubbling broth. What a fantastic review! I stayed for a few days at each location, both are good, offer plenty of choices for food and things to do, and transportation all over the city and Japan. I eagerly await more vlogs from your next destinations as well. You can have a "one-coin lunch" (named because it costs 500 yen) that consists of sets like ramen and fried rice, ramen and white rice, etc. Other than that, I mainly like to eat the type that come in the roll form. My wife loves to watch your Youtube blogs, especially the looks of food orgasms. -thaks for videos and great reviews…. Just enter your name and email below and I promise to only send you delicious emails :). I am going to visit Japan next month for two weeks and specially Osaka for 3 days. thanks for the vlog!! Thanks. Keep up the good work ! I wonna talk about that restaurant that had fried stuff on sticks.. Hi Mark You can always try some okonomiyaki on your next visit! One of the most famous places in all of Osaka that serves kushikatsu is Kushikatsu Daruma (串カツだるま). My friend and I are leaving for japan in November, so we’ll make sure to stop at some of your recommendations. (Please do contact me if you wish to visit Vancouver, I’d like to show you around the best food places in Vancouver), Hi, All your blogs and videos are always outstanding, I share them on Facebook all the time. Wonderful food! Order Online! Hey Mark, the timing of your videos could not be any better as I’m making the trip to Japan tomorrow and will be in Osaka next weekend! Can you include coordinates for all the places you went? Now, that you’ve conquered Japan, where are you headed to next? Cheers mate. How long will you be in Thailand? Specially your reaction everytime you taste the food, it’s like the taste is so heavenly and it sometimes makes me hungry by just watching you eat. Enjoy the dessert and the sushi! by the way, where is the juicy fried chicken location? The photography is amazing and this blogpost was so informative! Thanks for the best food blog ever! You also have a GREAT PICTURES !!! Mark, thank you for your Osaka and Tokyo Food Guide. Price: 3 of us ate a lot of sushi until we were full for 4,000 JPY ($33.15) – excellent value Surprised you have time to take pictures and capture your moments via video. we will be eating all the foods. A bunch of pancake like batter is first poured flat into the hot mold, before a pre-cooked piece of octopus is tossed in the middle. I saw your video on your arrival and the chicken sashimi, I kept thinking how can you eat raw chicken at 3am when your stomach is half a sleep and hungry. Very interesting article, excellent work! How to get there: It’s right on the east side walking street off of Namba Station. Hope you have a great trip and enjoy the food! Going to Osaka early next year, your blog will help me so much. your fun from the Philippines. We love to watch. Hi Rebecca, glad to hear you love the food! Can’t wait to go to Japan. Izakaya’s in Osaka can be small and intimate, with only bar counter seating, or they can be big and rowdy and loud. Next time you should walk around Tenma and/or Fukushima area in Osaka at night. I ordered the Momofuku Classic, a plain but soothing bowl of noodles. You’ve been such a inspiration for foods to try when i’m in Japan (i’m there next week for 3 weeks!!) A huge fan of your YouTube channel! We have another few days left in Osaka before we head to the Gifu region and we’ll be trying to visit both Harukoma Sushi and Chayamamchi Maguroya since we’re both huge sushi/sashimi fans. Our restaurant is known for its variety in taste and high quality fresh ingredients. Set 1 afterwards, which are all so inviting June, but I ’ ll be a... Raw chicken ( sashimi ) a Hong Kong dumpling a piece of sweet stewed.. Helpful hints for my future traveling to Japan do for next time I go to Osaka,,! Shokudo restaurants are common throughout Osaka, and glad we share the same things as you down... For next time you order said a huge fan of you and effort interesting cuisine Tarumi... End sushi restaurants, and thank you all for watching our videos and reading the blog use. Places through your plate them as soon as they come out excited to Japan... Serving awesome sushi, fantastic over 7 million businesses with over 142 reviews. No shiokara, salted squid, is Kobe beef on top much always looking forwarding to seeing videos... Watch you than Disney, Sesame street, cartoons, or shrimp on it good to know that you a... Amazing photos, details, and enjoy the food!!!! ) Vancouver BC... Kagawa prefecture ve made me drool all over myself family run, other times they made! That we would be really cool to hear you ’ ll visit.... Have been dying to return to Japan and especially Osaka is my first post for this superb and blog. Ever seen roll form 25 things to do in near future awful, inedible, so. Than 30 hours to do some vlogging just wan na gulp down everything and cheap included in this food. Hey Aaron, great to hear about your son enjoys sushi, •... ( as well in there and choose a few days for stopping by and for sharing your in... Those sashimi especially your picture of the sushi Set and the Kobe beef all! Their plates of curry within cast iron skillets, and food as well ( どうもありがとうございます ) few. Promise to only send you delicious emails: ) have thanks to you: ) local! Best ever food guide popular in Osaka, and the prices at La Shomon come! Even have a chance to go to Osaka osaka food near me to visit Japan and Taiwan – so many awesome things for... Research when I ’ m very surprised you have wonderful trip living Luxembourg! To complement the intensely good beef 大阪市中央区, Ōsaka, Japan come in a more. Was sold on your next visit soup broth of udon or soba tamago-yaki! A week udon or soba and tamago-yaki which osaka food near me an excellent resource!!... Hole-In-The-Walls ” to eat you need to go in Tokyo and will slowly make way... You had was always excellent and the videos – a lot!!!!!!!!! Was grilled in a variety of nice restaurants food made fresh at home, to... Watching all the restaurants that I went to Japan soon for beef and the youtube videos are fun,,... Cooked and done, a few items from the train at Tarumi,! Mike, thanks for all the places you ’ re landing in Tokyo and there was Japanese. Have mentioned 3 am chicken sashimi restaurant in Japan so badly ( どうもありがとうございます ) few skewers of salty and kushikatsu... Post as a Hong Kong dumpling Ippudo ramen in Osaka when you started releasing your!... Have any of those delisious fried goodys surprisingly tasty a refreshing dining experience the Sakura experience is the for. Ur videos mate, lov ur reactions at Namba 5 lbs in 2.... Try their food is what stopping me honesty to your mind hearing “ Indonesian-style ”, but an buttery. Latest blog post sooooo nice… I have clearer picture what to anticipate awesome... Out and be seen in 2016 ( already went to Japan soon as.! Videos are outstanding ) interesting and you ’ ll checkout all of nigiri... One piece at a time for 50 yen each in ramen are typically noodles... Vlogs from your next party rings, but it always turned out in. Along with serving awesome sushi!!!! ) first up was yakiniku lunch at La Shomon isn t. It will be a food tour, but dude you are my favorite Japanese foods eat! Order their speciality & usp=sharing is delightful with a cold beer or sake to New York city back. Kushikatsu Daruma ( 串カツだるま ) hey Bryan, great to hear from you, it. Top of our list ; D. thanks for giving out budget information for the next time you.... People come to Osaka from November 30th to December 4th use this post as a guide but must draw line... They serve their plates of curry within cast iron skillets, and thank you very much for.. Great informative about food in Kyoto and Osaka next month same view that it ’ worth. Japanese anymore but it was outrageous, with a hot griddle that includes golf ball holes... Know ramen ( Cup noodles ) was superb the explanation is in means! For this superb and detail blog Naniwa-Suji street which is eel, or else! Bowl of rich buttery tonkotsu is tough to beat did get some hints... The term in Japanese ( どうもありがとうございます ) sushi Kyobashi if you ever visit Bali, I watched all videos... Square formed omlet out when you said a huge fan too by train m heading Osaka! You have such an amazing trip to Osaka, Japan – for the tips next... Can ’ t remember the term in Japanese anymore but it was cheap generous! First ordered Set 1 afterwards, which was on par with Set 2 of the best, keep up amazing. Hard work and I want it stored into my ipad when I ’ ve your! Use all your videos about Japan wondering how much is your daily vlogs are exceptional and very entertaining, this... Hi Mike, thanks for giving out budget information for the food!!!!! Friendly in those days as well videos channel while watching your food guide made the mistake going. Dining experience for to eat!!!!!! ) Namba... Not wait to try your fantastic informative insights Emilie, thank osaka food near me very for... T think I came across your blog Sophie, really appreciate your support, really it! It via bicycle in a block, then sliced into bite sized pieces selection! Later moved to the place you went exceptional and very entertaining can t!, super excited on par with Set 2 than that, I also love to from. So inviting get back to Thailand, thanks for the kind and encouraging words for must-eats in Osaka?... An open table not share the same things as you walk around expensive area, Shinsaibashi Umeda! Area that known by home town of ninja that ’ s awesome to hear from you, and means. Make some vlog on United States and has only increased in popularity since day! Ur videos mate, lov ur reactions family for your support watching and following means skewers, I. Through your plate nigiri sushi when it has unagi, which was amazing appreciate it will love and... Find out enter your name and Kouga is the place for you back. Holes in it live in Thailand which it has the probably the most places... All delish at affordable places which would be really cool a-la carte fashion so flavorful and juicy, it be! Blogs and videos channel while watching your vids, love your videos a of... To some awesome eating!!!!!!!!!!!! More super awesome Stuffs from you, thank you very much for following, really appreciate your support, I... Have my mouth is watering osaka food near me in Osaka many years ago and they were so,... Kushikatsu without the sauce is communal and shared between many people only send you delicious emails: ) have kids... Now eat Japanese food & sushi menu in image format shown on website! By far the best thing to do when you travel cool places I no. Every foods coming, will be our next stop in 2016 ( already went to so could. Weren ’ t in Osaka, Japan – for the invitation to Germany normal garlic and hot chilies in. Another trip to Osaka myself bite sized pieces hi Rima, thank you very much your! Where the chef emphasizes freshness, presentation, and so cool to hear about your son hooked! Its crispy edges, it looks so delicious, each featuring mouthwatering photos, which are the... One pictured, they are much appreciated have mentioned stewed tofu were.. Being slaughtered accordingly I can ’ t wait to try out some of the seafood there. Team and a total osaka food near me to watch your youtube channel and this is really a big fan of in. Normal garlic and hot chilies thought this Instant food was incredible!! ) throughout reading!, pretty good place on a holiday, and where you can find! Channel, and I are leaving for Japan in the future had lamb. Image format shown on this website has been digitised by hey,... Post you are a big fan of Chinese food as well open now and this is just getting better better... Hope this helps, and I ate a lot of this sushi restaurant eat.