the lake was meant for everyone to enjoy, including them. At 3,245 acres, it is the sixth-largest lake located entirely in New Hampshire. i happen to go there often too and have noticed how dangerous it is to have a web cam. Alliance Report . The Ossipee Lake Alliance, a politically-active group of lake-front homeowners, said it received 21 comments in 15 hours after it ran the story on its website. View from Black Cat Island, View from Observation Deck I see it as sharing something beautiful, to many of us that can not be there as much as often as we would like. Lets stop these accusations. You never know until you try. Chocorua, don’t let them take it down. Enjoy the beach! You’re wasting quality time at the lake if you’re going to spend it indulging your annoyances. Ossipee Feeder Cam Ossipee Lake Cam. Forecast models ECMWF, GFS, NAM and NEMS Hampton Beach i’m just asking you to look at it from their prospective. “It’s creating a nuisance for us,” Doug Brown told Ossipee selectmen last month, according to the Carroll County Independent. West view Brown’s wife, Donna, said the camera “points on to her beach property,” the Independent reported. The quality is great but it seems that it would be hard to determine if anyone was on the beach across the lake? National Radio Astronomy Observatory, Kingston But how far is too far? But two other neighbors don’t see it that way. I have seen the web cam and agree it is a very beautiful view and I understand how this could seem medicinal to those who do not have the opportunities those of us in New England take for granted. saftey and enjoying the peace of the lake or placing people in harm’s way and disrupting someone else’s great “home away from home” This is in my mind a Marine Patroll enforcement issue. The type of camera you need is dependent upon the distance from the computer. In Tim Otterbach’s latest pictures, we see a … “I find comfort in my computer’s background of the lake and all its natural wonder and with the click of a mouse being able to see it live from here in Plymouth Mass.”, Amy Clark wrote, “When living in the city gets to be a hassle, looking at the lake is a perfect antidote.”. Newfound Lake. As for the violation of privacy, on any given weekend there must be 100 boats that pass by our dock & I enjoy the occasional “good morning” or friendly wave. Mountview Property Owners Association is a private waterfront community located in Freedom, NH on Ossipee Lake. Construction Contact: Chuck Flanders I’m looking at the lake and view in general. © 2020 OSSIPEE LAKE ALLIANCE. Lake Winnipesaukee 44424 acres Squam Lake 6790 acres Newfound Lake 4450 acres Lake Winnisquam 4220 acres Lake Sunapee 4140 acres Lake Wentworth 3100 acres Ossipee Lake 3091 acres Great East Lake 1929 acres Merrymeeting Lake 1239 acres Bow Lake 1160 acres; Midsize Lakes Summer, I am a member of the Lake Ossipee Village Beach Club on Broad Bay, the most sandy beach with facilities. I don’t knock the Brown’s for filing a complaint, it’s his right but I strongly feel it’s UNWARRANTED to place blame on the WebCam. North Beach The webcam's page will display the live cam there. What if it were their kids? A backyard view from Concord, Dartmouth College, Hanover Live webcams of the NH Lakes Region See what’s happening in the Lakes Region right now! Earlier this year I installed a Stardot netcam xl on Ossipee Lake. Main Street, adjacent to the State Capitol. I miss th elake and Mt. Ossipee. My understanding from my local police department (because I have security cameras on my house) is that in NH, home owners have the right to place cameras from their property pointing in any direction. 16 merge, South before the General Sullivan Bridge, The Winni Cam, north from Broadview Condominiums, How to Make Money in Real Estate Investing, Seven Selling Mistakes You Don't Want to Make, North view, toward Jefferson, Adams and Madison peaks, Route 16N. The East Alton General Store, Merrymeeting Lake and the Winnisquam CAM are live video servers so just a picture and link to the cam is included here. Hampton As I stated before & being a resident of Broad Bay for 37 years. Are there trees obstructing the view were the camera to be turned away from Brown’s property? Could they point the webcam in another direction? Members. Pittsburg Lake Francis from A Path Less Traveled. The webcam is located on Broad Bay facing North West with Mt. Temperatures; Town of Ossipee; Ossipee Lake ; NHDOT RT16 project; Bearcamp River Rental; USGS Bearcamp River data @ South Tamworth; NHDES Dam Bureau; Lakes Region Webcams. Help. One thing to keep in mind, if the view is so close to the beach, what happens if someone is swimming? SYNOP codes from weather stations and buoys. The webcam is located on Broad Bay facing North West with Mt. There are no cameras at Ossipee Lake. Ossipee 14749: Status: Construction: Scope of Work: NH 16 road and bridge improvements beginning at NH 16B (next to Indian Mound Golf Course) and extending north 3.2 miles. This station is located on the western shore of the main body of the lake at the Westward Shores Campground marina. The long process of replacing the Ossipee Lake Dam is over. To be honest I’ve never even noticed the camp or people on the beach. This forum was very helpful in helping me choose my webcam, and also helped me through the installation process. Search. Lakes Online is the largest online community for lake enthusiasts. “We love checking out the bay view from our winter home in Naples, Fla.,” wrote Rowe’s Osspiee Lake neighbors. A Final Look at the New Dam. Hanover Inn, north view (Flash required) Harbor Cam, from Ceres Street, looking east over the Piscataqua River toward Maine, Weirs Beach It makes it seem like we are back in Ossipee. Webcam Weirs Beach, New Hampshire, USA - 22.7 miles from Ossipee Lake Shores: Anchor Marine - A webcam in Weirs Beach, New Hampshire with image archive and current weather data. Spaulding Turnpike on the south side of exit 9 in Dover NH, mile marker 12.0. Please click for … Residents of Mountview enjoy a beautiful beach, boat launch, picnic area, and tennis and basketball courts. i don’t think they want to take it down, i just think they dont