More » About PRE-CON Limited. Phone: (239) 332-1440/ (800) 332-1440 Fax: (239) 332-0370. Parking Stops; Tsurmui and Sta-Rite Pumps; Aerobic Tanks; Pump/Dosing Tanks; Grease Traps ; Concrete Risers/ Covers/ Accessories; Flout Dosing Tanks; Low Profile Septic Tank; Other Products; CONTACT; ALL PRODUCTS. View Video The precast concrete barriers can be anchored to prefabricated decks through bolting to the deck. Multiple sizes available. The precast concrete parking deck structure was observed to be a conventional precast structure consisting of pre-stressed concrete double tees spanning between exterior spandrel panels and interior girders located along the central aisles of the deck. The South College Street parking deck is a five-level total precast concrete structure, which features an architectural precast facade system embedded with thin brick and limestone finish accents. The vast majority of parking garages built today use precast materials. Both the spandrel panels and girders were supported on concrete columns (see Figure 2). Expertly engineered precast, prestressed concrete framing systems accommodate heavy loadings, high headroom, and long, free spans. 20″ Opening. Reprints and Permissions . Based in Saskatoon, SK Canada. Precast Concrete Parking Structures. Precast Concrete Ductal® is an UHPC that provides a unique combination of strength, ductility, durability, and aesthetics, thereby facilitating the ability to design innovative precast products by creating different shapes that are stronger, thinner, lighter, durable, and more graceful in appearance. PRECAST CONCRETE COMPONENTS TOWER. X Add email address send. These units can also be post-tensioned across the structure. Nonetheless, if ignored, even inconspicuous defects can lead to dangerous conditions. Detailed Precast Parking Deck BIM. Services include design, detailing, shop tickets and erection drawings. They are also commonly used in the construction of multi-story buildings. Precast spandrel panels are typically used in parking structures to provide support for the precast deck system as well as the 42-inch code height requirement for the perimeter parapet wall. The Langley Concrete Group has been supplying British Columbia with precast concrete solutions for over sixty years. Imagine being able to bend, shape, and form a thin piece of material to be exactly what you want. sustainable, precast concrete is the most-chosen parking garage type in the United States. The slabs are designed to require a light topping to form a composite deck slab. Never before have precast parking structures been more cost effective, low maintenance, durable or architecturally easy-on-the eye. Missouri Baptist Medical Center Parking Garage Town & Country, Missouri Concrete Strategies performed the precast erection and civil concrete for this new 160,000-square-foot parking garage. Pyramid coping can be used on top of walls to leave a clean finished look to your structure. Strescon's precast prestressed box girder are excellent units for areas where you have low head room such as railway overpasses, wharf construction or structures which require a fast deck. Published: 0 : Format: Pages: Price : PDF (328K) 12 $ 25: ADD TO CART: Complete Source PDF (2.6M) 147: $55: ADD TO CART: Source: STP26090S. PCI Sustainability Case Study: Blue Cross Blue Shield Parking Deck This parking structure in in Detroit, MI, which is owned by Blue Cross/Blue Shield. NuCast's precast concrete parking bumpers are wet-cast for superior durability and wear. However, the precast deck’s irregular surface does not readily lend itself to flexible membrane-type coatings. Insulated wall panels: 411 pcs (approx. PCI Certification Category: B3, C3 Precast Parking Garage Cost . Adjoining the high rise, is a 2.5 storey precast concrete parking structure constructed of Double Tee deck slabs, precast concrete columns and spandrels, and solid bearing walls. Proform provides precast concrete foundation packages to support the construction of commercial, industrial and institutional buildings. The integration of both the structural and architectural elements of Spancrete precast assisted in bringing the city a safe place for guests to park, while keeping in mind the historic preservation of the structure. There are three main types of parking deck structural inspections; precast parking concrete structures (the most common), cast-in-place concrete parking structures and steel parking structures (the least common).Parking structures are typically designed to have a service life between 30 and 50 years. View Video. Protection techniques that soak into the deck and keep the concrete as the wearing surface are preferred. 2925 Hanson St. Fort Myers, FL 33916-7507 If your mixed-use development project combines parking with retail, medical, residential, office, or any other kind of construction, Tindall can help perfectly bridge the gaps between them. Most garages use precast concrete pillars and forms, but some luxury garages and urban garages can also use precast brick and other decorative forms. Top to bottom, side to side – Spancrete precast was installed to be the main support system of this parking deck. The bottom photograph shows a precast concrete parking deck structure that uses a dry-system diaphragm. SEPTIC TANKS. This isn’t your grandfather’s parking garage. The bolt projects down below the deck and is secured with a nut and an anchor plate. BIM Precast Concrete Design and Detailing Services for total precast structures, architectural cladding, parking garages, warehouses and bridge structures. The double-tee beam deck system of this construction type provides a finished wearing surface, supports vehicle loading, and forms an integral part of the lateral force-resisting system. precast parking garage design options available when dealing with the customer during the preconstruction phase. A precast structure was essential to the project from the onset in order to meet the tight schedule. DUAL CHAMBER (2-24″ Opening) LOW PROFILE (20″ Plastic Opening) FLOUT DOSING TANKS. Precast garages offer the benefits of lower cost and faster assembly time. Pyramid Coping . Proform is an elite company providing innovative precast concrete solutions to the residential, commercial, transportation, industrial, agricultural and mining industries. This concrete deck block is the perfect size for installing and anchoring a variety of posts. There are two main choices for stacked parking – precast concrete where the garage is assembled on site from a set of trucked-in concrete spandrels, structural T’s and columns and cast in place concrete which is erected with form-work on site and concrete is delivered in a cement mixer and poured into place. Cite this document Email Citation export citation print citation. the logical choice is a cast-in-place concrete parking structure. The art and science of concrete repairs are helping extend the useful lives of more parking decks every year, an important trend in a day when sustainability is frequently a prime concern. Engineering for the project was provided by Wolfrom Engineering of Winnipeg and design assistance from Lafarge’s own engineering team. While some have been catastrophic and highly publicized, the vast major-ity of failures don’t make the head- lines. We take great pride manufacturing wet and dry cast concrete products for both commercial and residential use. Precast Concrete Pavers for Parking Decks. Flat Coping can be used on top of walls to leave a clean finished look to your structure. Show More Projects. Precast concrete # parking structures allow for a more open parking deck that improves # visibility and # security for users. Flat Coping . Kettle Foods Sustainable Factory Kettle Foods factory in Beloit, WI is a sustainable design using precast concrete wall panels. Through ongoing investments in concrete systems, technologies, engineering, and people, Donley’s has become an industry leader in constructing cast-in-place and precast concrete parking decks. The joints between the flanges of the double tees and . Precast Concrete Parking Garages in Revit [WEBINAR] This free webinar on May 7th will be about designing precast concrete parking garages in Revit, with a focus on the warped double tee slab used in the USA (spoiler alert: new tool will be shown).But first off, why parking decks? From sidewalk blocks and parking curbs, to planters and boat launch slabs, if it's large scale residential, industrial or commercial concrete - we can do it. Cover photo—The top photograph shows a precast concrete parking deck structure that uses cast-in-place pour strips to create diaphragm chords and provide load transfer into the shear walls. Our bumpers provide organization and structure for your lot and help keep it safe. 1 piece only available. # HowPrecastBuilds # PrecastParking # SafeSecure Related Videos If this connection is used, it should be properly sealed. The deck includes 598 spaces within the 208,000 gross square feet. Concrete self-performance capabilities through Donley's Concrete Group make parking decks a natural focus for our firm. Standard Shop Drawings Details.pdf 960 Ridgeway Avenue Aurora, IL 60506 (630) 896-4679 This method of using precast concrete foundation wall panels is a great alternative to the conventional methods utilizing cast-in-place concrete. For this paper, we are estimating the building structure cost of a 184’ x 268’ four‐ level precast concrete parking garage with a total capacity for six hundred eighty four (684) cars. Precast double-tee construction has become a dominant method for building parking garages in North America. The design team introduced a sense of scale, colour and texture into the architectural precast concrete system. As one of the largest and best-known producers of precast concrete parking garage systems, High Concrete Group listens when customers speak. 1: A partially-completed precast concrete parking structure consisting of key components including columns, double tees, inverted tees, and shearwalls made for connection requirements, sealant requirements, and crack-control requirements. X .RIS For RefWorks, EndNote, ProCite, Reference Manager, Zoteo, and many others. This type of connection has been problematic. Durability starts at the joints Fig. For quick and easy installation of your deck or fence, the Decor Precast "Dec-or-Post" Support Block provides a sturdy base without the need to dig holes or mix concrete. PUMP/ DOSING … been a spate of precast concrete . The leading edge of each panel quickly becomes a wear point, bumping against automobile tires or catching the tip of a snow plow. The company's focus and commitment is to deliver the highest quality precast concrete products through quality workmanship, utilizing leading innovative technologies and providing superior customer service. Precast Bridge Deck BIM . Please contact 306-931-9229. In most cases, water is a the root of the problem, whether it concerns corrosion, freezing and thawing, or both. All types of parking structures - the three most common types being Double Tee Precast, Conventional and Post-Tensioned - are subject to deterioration. WEST PARKING DECKS The architectural design of the two parking decks for the Humber River hospital goes beyond simple storage for cars. With more than 1,000 precast parking decks under our belt, suffice it to say, we know parking garages. CONSTRUCTION ADVANTAGES Materials delivery: With cast-in-place construction, the contractor has direct control of the cost and delivery schedule of the concrete from local sources. parking garage failures in recent years. How to Cite This Publication NIST (2017).

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