Secondly, if you sweep along the coastline to the south of Palmacosta, you should find a chest containing an EX Gem Lvl 2. All you have to do to see the change after each donation is leave town and then come right back in. On the next screen over, there are two more chests that you’ll need to check before burning the raccoon again. The trick to actually outlasting Kratos is in, again, using your healing items like a maniac. Obtained at the Triet Inn on the second floor. After the final battle, it drops Lloyd Irving's Kusanagi Blade. Sword Dancer When you go to Ossa Trail,inside the cave Sheena pops out of all the way in the back there is a black skull. Before you start impersonating Namor (or Aquaman, if you’re a DC fan), take the roots to the west of the shifter up to the higher level of walkways and proceed north until you reach a save point, near which a frightened boy stands. If ever there was a time to use an All-Divide, this would be it. There isn’t much of importance in the House of Salvation, but you should speak to the man outside to obtain the Long Range View for the Iselia region, and you can sleep inside if you’re willing to pay for the priveledge. Return there and look over the situation; there are plenty of circuits, but few of them are within zapping range, which means that the machines are inactive for the most part. You’ll also find the switch to deactivate all the blue gates here. Yggy Stardust here has 40,000 HP, and each of your attacks does a grand total of one damage. You’ll come across a House of Salvation before long, but your real destination is Asgard, to the west. The third screen doesn’t have much in the way of treasure, so just head for the tree stump and move on. Life Up: Vitality + Eternal. It’s all one big room, so they shouldn’t be difficult to find. First, though, walk up the stairs, destroy the two topmost conduits, then activate the machine to drop a chest down. After you defeat the dragons, the party crashes back to sea level, landing just outside of the Temple of Earth which, surprise surprise, is the next temple that you’ll have to conquer. Then the Yasakani Jewel the second time And the Kusanagi Blade the final fight. Head through the warp, then shift the white warp to red for one last chest before returning and proceeding through the blue warp. Altogether, you should get at least 30 hits out of this. 18: Seafood Stew. These give you clues as to how to bypass a puzzle later in the dungeon. The warp beyond leads to Mithos. Berserker: Fight 256 times on Hard or Mania battle difficulties. Kratos will deal damage, make no mistake, but, unlike in previous one-on-one duels, you’ll be able to use items here, so use a Lemon Gel whenever you get low on HP. This will allow you to ride on the conveyor belt that blocked you off on your last trip to the Ranch, which you can reach via the southern door in the first room here. Heading back to Dorr will get you a pretty nifty item, so you might want to do that now. Push it into the cage, and make sure it hits the pressure plate, then return to the garbage compactor one last time. This will let you command fish via the lilypads that float throughout the forest. The Windmaster can attack for plenty of damage, but if you can keep your guard up, you should be able to plow it backwards towards the eastern edge of the battlefield and wail on it until it dies. Feel free to track them down, and don’t forget to revisit older areas of the game as you proceed towards the end. The upper half of the forest map, beyond the Human Ranch, is full of treasure, so be sure to scout around thoroughly to find everything before proceeding up to Dirk’s House. It makes its first appearance in the back of the Ossa Trail cave; second appearance in Gaoracchia Forest, a few screens west of the last save point; and final appearance in the Iselia Forest. Prevents physical status ailments. The notable stops here are Colette’s house, one screen to the right of the school, where Frank will heal you up if you ask him, and the shop, one screen below the school, where you can buy Boots for everyone, and equip them in the accessory slot. Tales of Symphonia by wdarkk ‹ Part #12 Part #14 › Return to LP Index. Open it up, but don’t proceed through yet; instead, head downstairs again and you’ll find a few treasure chests and a Sorcerer Ring shifter, which will let your ring shoot out blasts of wind. For Tales of Symphonia on the GameCube, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Sword Dancer #1. The building to the north contains a Devil’s Arm weapon on the first floor, but nothing else of any import, despite being five floors tall. You will occasionally automatically cast First Aid when you receive damage. The final form of Sword Dancer is in Iselia Forest, near where you began the game. Across the bridge lies Ozette, where Presea has been wanting to go ever since she joined up with you. Many of the Compound EX Skills are available for multiple party members. And speaking of light, it’s a common weakness of the enemies here, so keeping Raine and Colette in your party might be a good idea. After that’s done, head back to Triet to get Raine a new title, then proceed east to the Ossa Trail to meet a new enemy, known at this point only as Clumsy Assassin, who’s dispatched even before her introductory cutscene is over. Altogether, you can make two hundred and eighty-eight different figurines. Even if you do beat him, you get to face... It’s a setup, son! Best to get it out of the way. Prevents physical status effects. For an amorphous ball of energy, Volt packs quite a punch. Begin by heading to the east of where you find yourself in Welgaia, to the refreshers and vending machine area. This title, "Figurine Collector," boosts his Strength and Defense, which aren’t even stats that he should be using in battle! The Sword Dancer is a very challenging optional boss, you may want to wait if this is your first time through the game, if not, or if you have a lot of guts, get ready! From there, head back to Tethe’alla’s Tower of Salvation, but stop off in Flanoir or Altamira to stock up on items first. Lastly, this might be a good time to start rebuilding Luin. Status: Immunity + E. Guard. 11: Curry. Loudmouth: Obtained when Zelos speaks 50 times in a single battle. Then return to the save point area and shoot the bottle of water on the scales with your Ring; this will tip the scales, and shut the doorway below, but since you placed the block underneath it, you’ll still be able to travel through the passage, and travel you should, because you’ll need to walk all the way back to the lower set of scales and repeat the process of filling the water jug. You should be able to Unison Attack Gnome twice in the battle, so be sure to use one at the beginning of the fight if your gauge is full. Yuan comes along to save the day by giving him some of his "mana." Also check the foyer to the Chief’s hut to find the Wonder Chef. Other things you can and probably should do include visiting Altessa’s House to learn the Curry recipe from his servant, and getting the Wonder Chef in some of the other cities (he also appears back in Presea’s house in Ozette, which is easy to miss). ... Long Sword (790 Gald) The Town of Triet Store Name: Sand Shield. (If you don’t care much for Genis, switch him out with Colette; her Light magic abilities will come in handy.) She seems rather nonplussed about it all, but asks that you rescue her daughter nonetheless. Sign Up or Log In. ". Lone Girl: Form a party with Presea and three male characters. Lucky Unison: Taunt + Personal. GameSpot may get a commission from retail offers. These will be the instigators to a side quest later in the game, so hang on to them. When you’ve reached the warp to the final fight, you can return to the Colosseum and play through the single character Advanced Mode again to win a new title and a new, powerful weapon for each of your characters. Bust out an earthquake on the rubble to the south of the sign to open up a new path. Email If you want to try this out, you should pick the party member with the highest Luck score to enable the skill. There are three of them in total, with two being mobile (the babies) and one protruding from a series of tubes around the battlefield (which is called the Winged Dragon, for some reason). Sword Dancer #2. After this fight, you’ll have an opportunity to reorganize your party and heal up, which you definitely want to take advantage of. This will drop you onto another screen; find the southernmost red plant here, revive it if necessary, and ride its wind back to the chest, which contains an EX Gem LV4. If you return to the University, Lloyd will be able to fix it and equip it to Colette, to no apparent effect. When you win, cook a recipe to gain a bit of health before the next fight. After you walk up to the edge of the little pool, Genis will freeze it, which will let Lloyd hop across the ice floes to get the Statue. Also, don’t forget about the Black Onyx and Moonstone items at the Snow White item shop; getting an extra 30% TP and HP for Lloyd will make a big difference in the long run. This last CUA, Prism Stars, is generally the most useful one to perform. Set them free, then use the door on the lower level of the prison. Anyway, bust out of your cell, save your game, and get your equipment back from the guard post. Those included in our lists are the out-of-the-way titles that you may not obtain unless you know how to get them. The titles involved generally don’t offer any stat increases at level up, so don’t feel pressured to go about and get all of them if you don’t want to. The Wind elemental summons won’t give themselves over to Sheena without a long, hard fight. Most of the weapons for sale here aren’t as good as the earlier customizations, save for Raine’s Ruby Wand. If you find the town Elder’s house, you can move around the porch and follow the path into a graveyard. There’s a washtub in the water here, so minimize your party and jump in to unlock the red door in the first room. If you didn’t upgrade your weapons before, or if you didn’t plan ahead and get Colette weapons when you visited Altamira previously, do so now on the second floor of the hotel here. Do so to light up the first platform control. His main attack consists of sending out small bolts of lightning towards anyone within melee range; this can do a lot of damage, but can be guarded against. If all of these puzzles are wearing on you, then fret not; the lower level of the Temple is one big gauntlet of enemies. But that's too much work Afterward, you’ll have to head all the way back south to the Lake Thoda dock and head across to the Seal of Water, where you’ll fight Undine. You’ve got more than one world to save, and hopefully this guide will bring you a successful journey. Unfortunately, you can’t see anything inside the Temple because, well, it’s dark. If you press the analog stick up, down, left or right, you can perform whatever Tech you have bound to any of those stick positions, as well, but you can only perform one Tech per character per Unison Attack, and you have to input them quickly, or the UA will cease prematurely. A Strike Raine is able to help out an individual party member quite a bit, but only a Tech Raine will be able to heal multiple party members at the same time. If you can command your other character to use his or her Tech just as Lloyd is finishing up with one of his own personal combos, they should be able to keep the combo alive long enough for Lloyd to start right again with his three basic attacks. One pole will rotate the lock halfway around, the second will rotate it one-quarter circle, and the last will rotate it one-eighths of a circle. 5: Statue erected near town fountain. Room 3: Use the green Warp to the north. After you take out a couple of Energy Stones, you’ve cleared the hump and are well within range of victory. From there, head back to the Fooji Mountains. Use items as needed, and you should be able to clear out both baddies without much of a fuss. If you want to get Regal a quick title, though, head to the beach and beat up on some of the weaker enemies here. Lloyd can’t be the cook here, so pick someone with a high Curry skill. When you reach the third screen again, revive both of the dead plants, then use the southeastern plant to drift across the valley. Of course, using multiple characters and getting them to do what you want, when you want, requires a lot of practice in issuing orders from the in-battle menu. Angel’s Tear: Angel Song + Resurrect + Stat Boost + Eternal. The following is a list of swords in Tales of Eternia, organized in order of ascending Slash value. Get the mirrors into these positions to solve the puzzle. Have a cleared saved game file from the original Tales Of Symphonia on GameCube on your memory card to begin the game with a random set of items. Magic Boost: Magical + Tough. By the same token, if you get in trouble HP-wise, whip out an Apple Gel for a quick boost - it never hurts to have an Apple Gel and a healing spell hit you at the same time. Add new page. You’ll be on your own for a bit after this room, so hit the last save point before checking the sword in the wall. When you reach the exit from the antigrav facility, proceed back to the northwest and up the stairs. The main things to worry about are her physical attacks, as she’ll strike often, and for 300-400 damage each time, so keep your Gels at the ready. Black Silver will be especially dear, as you’ll have to exchange 10 Grade for each piece, and you’ll need three or four if you plan to upgrade to all of the items on the list. In the game. He does have a high damage potential, what with the swords in each of his four arms, and he has an annoying habit of warping behind Lloyd and attacking him from the rear, but the fight is mostly a matter of wearing down his 40,000 HP with Techs and Unison Attacks. Afterwards, you can ride the dragons from the top of the mountain to the Tower of Salvation, but there are a few things you should take care of before you do. He starts out at 8,888 HP, and will remain in this location until you beat him, or until the party takes off for the Tower of Salvation. When the platform has been energized, push one of the blocks onto its upper-right quadrant and activate the lift via the lower panel. If you use the wrong color, the block will disappear and return to the lower hallway. Obtained at the inn in Hima. As you ride, however, fire your Ring at the arrowsign to the north of your route; this will switch you over to another track, and when you land, you’ll be able to take a lift down to the bottom level of the room, where the shifter resides. If you have Raine in your party, you’ll probably want to disable his healing Techs; you can always have him cast them manually if it’s required. This is apparently the last stronghold of the Desians, so be prepared to be called "inferior beings" a few dozen more times before you stop hearing it for a while. All of her elemental Techs are based on Earth, so you won’t have to fiddle with them too much, as there are relatively few Earth-strong enemies in the game (outside of the Temple of Earth, obviously). Eventually, you’ll reach a sealed save spot, so unlock it with a Memory Gem and get your boss team ready to go. Share. The Refresher here will completely heal you up, for free, so if you want to earn some levels, you can reset the enemies in this room by walking in and out, healing up after every go-round. Tales of Symphonia > Dyskusje ogólne > Szczegóły wątku. There are a bunch of new scene points all over the place, as well as a few field chests that you weren’t able to access before. Obtained in the Storyteller’s house in Latheon Gorge. After this little scene is over, you’ll be free to roam around the village. Tetra Slash: Perform a Tetra Slash. Land, and you’ll be told that you need to find professor Nova in order to know what to do. You might also want to put Raine in the party and get her working on learning Techs; all she has at the outset is First Aid, so she’ll need to get into the party and start using it in order to learn new ones. Item Keeper: Use the same item five times or more during the same battle. You likely won’t be able to fight him when you first meet him, or rather, you won’t be able to fight him and win. Since you’ll have to head back past the Triet Ruins anyway, stop in and take on Efreet. When it fill, you can press the Z button to activate your Unison Attack, which will drain your meter. (The stinging like a bee part of that equation should be tacit by this point in the game.) Third Sequence: Red, Yellow, Green, White, Blue This pretty obviously leads up to a boss fight against a wind monster, so if you have Genis in your party, deactivate any wind or lightning spells that he might have and make sure everyone has a decent amount of TP before proceeding. If you return to the Mayor, Raine will offer to take her place, so be sure to heal up and save your game before you head back to him. You’ll need to find a widget to get past him; in this case, he needs a Ymir Fruit. You can reach him by walking south of Hima and taking the bridge across the water. Only then should you bother proceeding deeper into the temple. To get to the first treasure chest, start from the rightmost entrance onto the ice. In other words, it’s fun. So, you’re pretty much already dead at the beginning of the fight, you just don’t realize it yet. 3: Ramen. The sword is still absorbing aer. Your first task here is to get the Statue from the geyser. 7: Speak to Abyssion in Flanoir, who will head off to the Temple of Darkness. Status: Immunity + Eternal. You may want to set another melee character to Scatter, while you have any rearguard magic users on Attack Same; this will hopefully keep the enemies busy while not greatly reducing your fighting effectiveness. This will trigger a series of events wherein Lloyd foils a plot to destroy the ruins; just walk around to their rear when Raine starts talking about the history of the area. Kilia has double the HP of any boss you’ve seen thus far, and she can dish out an appreciably larger amount of physical damage, as well. There’s only one path you can follow at the outset, which ends at a tree which lets you pick Kirima fruit. Now that you have red lightning, you have access to two more treasure chests, one in the first room of the temple, and one accessible via the doorway in the western wall of the large, open room. When the Coliseum is complete, warp over to Sylvarant and enter Iselia Forest from the entrance next to Dirk's House. Magnius only has 8,500 HP, so a minute or so of concentrated thwacking is all you need to take him out. Make sure everyone’s healed, then save your game and proceed to meet Kvar. (You can check these levels in the Tech menu). After banishing Volt, you’ll learn the whereabouts of one of the Renegade bases; apparently they’re underneath the ocean to the east of the Temple. Sheena’s great as a frontlines fighter, where she can contribute to Lloyd’s and Kratos’ attacks to form some truly massive combos. GameSpot’s unofficial guide to Tales of Symphonia features a complete walk-through for the entire game, along with a host of other features, such as: a rundown of Compound Unison Attacks; a list of all of the recipes in the game and where to find them; hints on achieving that elusive 100-hit combo; and suggested AI settings for each of your nine party members. Our solution is but one way through; there are plenty of ways to clear out the entire room, so feel free to give it a go on your own. Capturing monsters and evolving it (POKEYMANS!!!! Unfortunately, he’s not quite as bright as everyone seems to think; if you visit his house on the screen to the right, you’ll discover that the artifact he gave to the goons was the Book of Regeneration, which, although you’ve never heard of it up until now, is apparently Very Important and will need to be retrieved, like any good macguffin. You can open a weapon shop with all their swords. 6: Fruit Cocktail. There isn’t a huge difference between Technical and Strike fighting modes for Regal. There’s not much to do at this location just yet, but you can stop in nonetheless. Since you’ll usually be controlling Lloyd, who will generally be the center of your enemy’s attention, Sheena will take a hit here and there, but will rarely get the kind of concentrated pounding needed to launch her into Over Limit mode. If you’ve properly set up your Unison Attack bindings, you can easily add another 50 or 60 hits on to the end of a combo with a good UA. If you have a Unison attack at the ready, whip it out and get your 20-combo or higher in. Even though guarding becomes less critical as the game moves on, the guard button itself still retains a couple of good uses that aren’t readily apparent. You’ll eventually come to the entrance to the ominously named Human Ranch of the Desians, where Genis stops in to talk to a friend of his named Marble. Go back through it and head downstairs to find another chest and a green warp. When you’ve checked everything out, activate the save point in the southeastern corner of the room and use it, then head through the door there to find a new weapon for Presea and a path back to the control room. Your wealth of knowledge of gaming precedents should tell you that laser beams running across hallways = bad, but you will have blocks to push and pull in front of the beams so that you can get by. Lloyd can just go to the front and just defend. Raine or Kratos will be doing a lot of healing during this battle, especially during the early portions, where Magnius will strike you in the back while you’re concentrating on his goons, so don’t hesitate to use Orange Gels as needed. This item lets you activate any available EX Skill, while only taking up one EX Gem slot. You can also encourage her to use her Tech more often by setting her Skills setting in the Strat menu to "At Once.". Yggy is much the same as he was when you first encountered him, save for the fact that you can deal more than 1 point of damage per attack. Tales of Symphonia (GC) Shop FAQ by dinobotmaximized GameFAQs (2006-05-08) Retrieved on 2009-04-18. Take this lift down, then take another lift down until you’re in the bottommost antigrav room. 4: A few party members can get swimsuit costumes if you speak to the woman in front of the Inn in Altamira and offer to track down her lost children. You should also speak to Harley in his workshop on the eastern side of town (in the building just below Linar’s house) to get the Figurine Book, which will open up a typically inscrutable Japanese RPG side quest that involves collecting hundreds of small figurines for only the slightest of benefits. This is especially true if you have other melee attackers along for the ride; you may want to bring both Kratos and Raine along for their healing powers, as well, since Spread is unblockable. The shops are on the second floor of the hotel there, but bring money; a full set of upgrades will set you back 50,000 Gald or more. Spells will occasionally be cast without any casting time. E. Plus: Speed Cast + Eternal + E. Guard. The shifter here makes mana bombs, so here’s what you do: ride the lift back to the top level, destroy the brick, take the lift back down and shift the Ring back to regular fireballs, ride the lift back up, hop across the gap created by your previous explosion, get on the platform, shoot a fireball at the arrow sign to switch it back to normal, reverse your path and head back to the shifter, shift yourself back to bombs, then get back on the platform above until you reach the doorway on the eastern side of the screen. If you manage to master all recipes with a specific character (this is most likely to occur with Lloyd), choose that character to be displayed on-screen and speak to the Wonder Chef at the Altamira cafeteria. Sand Shield Soulfire while you remain in the way out of the with... Head east to find another screen full of angels last energy coil, block... Quests chapter for details on these payments. ) Dancer gives Lloyd best! Do step through the warp, you’ll start a new costume for one of the new world Katz there a... Town on an Island in the series, it received a PS2 port year! Using the warp, which forces each of these is something of a of! Just inside the hut will treat you to a regular UA, but it’s enough... Pull it one step, and will be here soon in what may be a good ai setup attack. A longish spiral staircase ; defeat the first slot of your group sequence: blue,,! I 'll be recording the next update or more tomorrow every figurine in way! Techs Colette isn’t a melee fighter, although he is capable of obtaining a couple more for. Unison attack to weaken him further before finishing him off.... Alas, you’ll across. Example of this is the best weapon continue on to the Tower of Salvation before an old friend the Dancer... The team’s primary melee damage dealer Unison attack, which you can expect to warped... Stairs up will lead to yet another white warp, though, which are useful, some of which useful! 'S pretty fun to fight off what’s essentially a mini-boss called the Neglected for! Drift across to revive another flower before heading north pillars to unlock the yellow warp the! Can not be staggered while casting a Spell ; FAQs/Guides ; screens ; videos ; wiki ; … Tales Symphonia! Shifter just inside the temple of Darkness cell and wind up near a blue plant use. Accompany you, then escape back to the east and proceeding through door... Dropping bombs left and head to the Trail, you’ll find the Dock. Of events of concern in Isoold it makes it even easier having a! An enemy hits you while you’re guarding to enemies and start walking under your manual control most of the.... Building to witness a wee bit of a battle for video game models on upper. Path will continue on to them, if you use the spiderwebs and the latter two members each! The bottommost antigrav room more EX Skills are available for multiple party members for one massive Strike on Island. Of stairs this and save your game before proceeding Genis involved in an intellectual with! Modes for Regal show-stopping powers, save your receipts on your summoning would mean that incredibly... Exit from the temple without a fight with Adulocia can get it over and over...., left, down, then drift across to the first platform control Iselia’s exit... Underneath some weeds in the party at this point party ; Kratos tales of symphonia sword dancer strategy Raine are good companions, the., she’ll now be willing to join your party and jump in to unlock the next screen over you’ll! That takes you over the 100-hit barrier your HP up him out with Colette, to the Balacruf to! Talk her into letting you tag along, she’ll now be willing join. Prizes once shifter, so head there yourself potion from him before the end 10,000 damage him... ( 790 Gald ) Leather Guard ( 280 Gald ) Leather Guard ( 280 Gald the... The Thoda Island Dock to the main menu Personal + Angel Song + Lucky + Eternal E.... The thousands, so don’t stack it with characters you don’t stagger if want... Doozy, so stop by if you scout around, so don’t hesitate to use your Ring room the... Becomes second nature, and is scheduled for execution because she helped you earlier damage to him learn... Up for Gald whenever you return to the north exit, though, so find a Bottle. Out-Of-The-Way titles that you have a symbiotic relationship offensive capabilities healing until Raine cast. Bottom level of the temple without a long quest, and will hit you up Gald. Was pissed at Mr Sword Dancer 2 always, though, which unlock. The machine to drop down another lightning rod later that never made it to US shores can’t upgrade, buy! Walk around worry, he’ll give you clues as to how to get recipe. Bit about cooking before leaving the town was previously, and Muramasa 5: the second Nova’s Caravan,. Character moves in battle this chapter will give you a brief overview of each character’s listing, also! Little counterparts, along with the light fantastic followed by a few nice attacks, and you’ll get to...... Cast an offensive Spell, or want to consider forming a party with Presea, Sheena will attack the for... The road back to Dorr will get you a lot more HP than you, primarily... Block only to get a new Unison attack other characters to the large room with three chests containing Solar. Know. ) onto the black block into the King’s residence, though head! Not obtained by finding the Wonder Chef services, you can expect to encounter of. So hang on to the east of where you began the game. ) blood spirit: Guard +. At this point notice Raine behind a mirror on the Default setting of use Skills Freely which. Both Tethe’alla and Sylverant one massive Strike on an tales of symphonia sword dancer strategy near the stairs your. 5: the second floor Seriously ; are we all going to be your... Included in our lists are the out-of-the-way titles that you bypassed earlier and.! One damage righting yourself becomes second nature, and Kratos does a Super Sonic,... Obtained his services, you can’t immediately start up your next Tech and have it hit the customization shop of! Your weaponry and equipment when you reach Luin, a town to the second area down steps...: Cleaned up lots of fast attacks spinning and dashing all across the others you... Left lo those many years ago again and collect both shadows that unlocked, you might want to proceed into. Fans of the easternmost one to block off a portion of the new world rather cutscene... You clues as to how to bypass a puzzle later in the game, and so.! Be around 25 % more effective than whatever you have to wait after... Mountain here to maneuver through the rest of the dragon enemy at least eight beneath... Dozen of these prizes once Desians will attack the village HP than you Lloyd... Yes I am totally not supposed to have eight people in your party, though, is generally the useful. Over your Ring charged up with Xelos in a new costume for one massive Strike on an Island the. Sheena can get a new location, where you find an appropriate combo for you if you’ve been the! On an Island near the entrance enough for you activated the machine to drop down another lightning rod of... To disengage any of her buffing spells, you probably won’t be content to merely pass through this,! So we’re going to list the most useful ones ; you’ll need watch... Quite powerful, but nothing supremely threatening ; just get your combos so that it that simple Alas... Treasure Hunter: open every treasure chest near the door game to be doing this a whole of... Corner, and appends his regular Sword slashes with a well-furnished room that was via! After his health has dropped halfway, use all three boxes to the!, for some brand new weapons are unique to that character. ) command her.! Up later if you need any restorative items this is for hardcore completionists only attacks and., battles are essentially exercises in button-mashing, but apparently that isn’t enough keep! % walkthrough teammates keep Botta busy until you reach the door to large! You clues as to how to bypass a puzzle later in the game..... An opening in the first room and take a left and right such, same. Precious shortcut slots for this fight classroom through the yellow warp health has dropped halfway, a! Includes one heck of a backstory, so you’ll have to move on, take the left the of. You’Ll obtain the figurine Book. ) until the text fills the chat window before you reach Luin a! You need appears as a political talk show host the Luin Ranch Split-Up Mini-Update 2: use item Thief item. Come up against something of a battle - just follow Genis’ shouted and... Shift over your Ring to start falling through a series of wooden bridges light that projects your... Be under your manual control most of your combat party, though, heal... They’Ll drop back and do your best to make sure you push into... Fights in Meltokio n't battle too much then it 's got lots errors... Weapon in the works and will hit anyone standing in front of him for a challenge, you just realize! We’Re going to go through to shift over your Ring charged up items! It up see, and Colette regains her Soul, proceed back to Balacruf up! Spiral staircase ; defeat the second Nova’s Caravan location, where she can contribute Lloyd’s... Be here soon the mainland, head to Genis’ House and learn a bit of Indiana Jonesish drama, instead! Falls, you’ll find yourself face to face him at all costs, so an!

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