Ric. This tool is very important for those who wish to repair earlier Nikons. They have arrived this afternoon and they are, indeed, VERY nice pieces of hardware. I suppose you could order the entire door, but that’s even more spendy. Jun 11, 2017 @ 12:16:57, Thank you Richard. You can also add a strong vinegar to make it more potent. This is important. The problem was an input wheel. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. It was fixed quickly and looks great. :O. Any brand. AF lenses will need special grease. Ric. Without out my camera/ Camcorder I am out of work and that is not good, got the camcorder to them Monday at 9 a.m. and was fixed by Thursday morning, If you need anything camera wise repaired by them please check with them, before sending it off to of all NO GOOD places like Camera Repair Japan, who could never fix my camcorder. And they wont sell your equipment on Ebay! They’re also very brittle as they can break under stress. Also I have been able to find the screws – bayonet screws ( around 5 euros for 50 pieces). The best brand I know is VESSEL, they’re not expensive and they’re well-made. We would like to ask for your patience, as an increase in repair turn-around time is expected due to the increase in transit/delivery time as a result of COVID-19. WERA (German) is also OK, I believe they have JIS ones but I will just stick with VESSEL because they never fail me. I bought them online from a UK store. Fstoppers Original 17 Comments ... We decided to ship both cameras back to Nikon for repair. May 07, 2017 @ 15:32:25, I was able to find an online shop in the UK with reasonable prices, and bought the “standard” pack you recommend. I’ll outline to you all the essential tools that you need for repairing lenses so that you don’t waste your time and most importantly, money on gear. Also its hard to me to identify them in Ebay (especially the different shafts) . KEH Camera Repair has a 6-month warranty period. this is ridiculous for someone not starting a lens repair business. Warranty Policy. Video Camera Repair. It's a thoroughly professional body with the capabilities and controls that serious users demand. Recently, I dropped in at Camera Services in Atlanta to see if they could repair my Nissan flash. Model: Service to Major Repair: Sensor Clean Only: Nikon Lens Repair : £35 to £210 + parts: N/A: NB. I usually modify these by bending the tips in-or-out to fit certain tasks. Carlos Fernandes Rubber bottle opener, they look like oil filter wrenches but made of some kind of hard rubber. Remember never to apply too much grease or your lens will be oily again in no-time. I use them because some stuff will only react to a non-polar agent. I will not use another camera repair company for any future repairs. These are basically just rubber stoppers that come in different diameters with a hollow core. Free estimates Fast, friendly service Silicon and lithium based grease are the best. Battery door replacement for most digital (and film) point and shoot cameras range in price from $48.50 - $78.50 depending on the amount of labor and the cost of the parts. May 15, 2017 @ 20:42:21. Nikon SDK … Yes, you will need the additional ones. These people are extremely nice and accommodating. Add Tip Ask Question Comment Download. May 14, 2017 @ 12:57:45. The camera is clean inside and I can’t see anything obvious. With pro-caliber video features inspired by the D810, the same autofocus and metering system used in the D4S and D810, a newly designed 24.3MP FX-format CMOS image sensor and EXPEED 4 image processor, the D750 delivers a feature set unlike D-SLRs its size. If you don’t, just buy or make them as you move-forward into this hobby and you’ll acquire a collection of tools in no time. The workman’s compass is used by other trades such as leather-working or engineering. Mix in equal parts. The screws are not sold online in small quantities. Vessel 9900 P0*150 in nikon,lens repair,lens maintenance,nikon repair,, Nikon,museum,classic lenses,, Uncategorized I’m neither ignorant nor arrogant, I’m a generous person with experiences to share so you won’t end up being a camera butcher. I’m not familiar with other Japanese brands but the most common sizes that you’ll find in Nikons and Nikkors should be 2mm (M2) and 1.4mm (M1.4), you’ll occasionally find the odd 1.7mm (M1.7) and other sizes, too. Do you know another brand which is thinner. It seems as if whatever speed I set it to, it’s always the same speed that fires. You can even use a nail clipper if you wish. If you think that this site has helped you or you want to show your support by helping with the site’s upkeep, you can make a small donation to my paypal.com (richardHaw888@gmail.com). , Carlos Fernandes The camera was designed for and marketed to the growing market of new women photographers then entering the SLR buyer's market. For bigger screws, use regular drivers. You cannot use a thick grease on this lens because apart from the 3 helicoids you have a few more helicoids from the crc as well. Do I need them ? If so I was not able to identify them. Oct 03, 2020 @ 18:16:49. Change ). If I didn’t make it obvious, the measurements I just mentioned pertain to their diameter and not length, so an M2 screw is 2mm across. Hello, INT! Don’t buy the cheap-Chinese ones from the internet, they have flooded the market recently and they will do more harm than good. Yes! Btw i dont receive notifications for new comments. Each unit will be $24.75. Allison called me after they received the camera on 1/13 and told me the cost to repair it including shipping! read more…, We have the equipment to repair your lens! The extra length are needed for added torque. I even have 2! Using these little drivers to open up bayonet screws and other bigger screws will only ruin the screws head. We provide camera and lens repair services for all types of professional and amateur cameras and lenses. Those drivers are too small but they are useful for smaller screws only. They are cheaper too. AF lenses use way thinner grease. I see many cheap-Chinese ones, they’re flimsy and they bend. Definitely recommend. Vessel 9900 3*150 Hello, Carlos! Your Lens Repair not listed? I’m not a professional photographer or anything, but from now on, any time I or any of my family or friends need camera service, this is the place I’ll call first! This is a lens sucker. and … Can I by the short versions that are 100 mm long, rather then the 150mm. They shouldn’t be held responsible for issues with the postal service. I usually mill these specially for expensive equipment where I don’t want to leave any marks. In your experience what might this be caused by. As for the screws, yes you have to be careful if the head is JIS or not but most important is the pitch of the thread. . All those will add up and you will get a hard turning lens. by Lee Morris. Again, and I can never say this enough: stick with VESSEL. Rubber mallet, because sometimes some things just need a good whack! This is indeed the best blog I have ever seen on Nikon lens repair. Albrecht Kamera-Service … Luis Ocampo, Raul M Rodrigues :O. Hello fellow Yelpers! Make sure that the rubber part that come in contact with the glass is always clean. Vessel has been great. Hello, I do not have an ebay link but you can try copying and pasting the name and see what you can find. Have fun and just ask, Ric. This is DIY lens spanner. I had a lot of problems with my D7000 – focusing issues. Would you happen to have a ebay link to the micro screw extractor? BUT the desire for this Nikon D300 kept nagging at me as I read more and more reviews. We do not quote under $150.00 per item. I would really appreciate if I can get some help from you all. For approximately the same cost, you will have newly cleaned and serviced equipment versus used with an unknown history. The 150 are almost twice the price. Price Match Guarantee. I have bought, at a very faire price, the vessel screwdrivers. It work fine but I have to be very careful not to slip during the operation. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Nikon USA site says my lens is only repaired at their center, not some third-party. A customer pre-paid return shipping label is required to ship to locations outside the USA (50 states) or Canada. Sometimes, you’ll need to use this to drill a hole in a stripped screw’s head and use a screw extractor to safely remove a stripped screw. Also blow it with your blower before wiping. July 17, 2019. Thank you for some other informative site. Be sure that you only get JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) when repairing Japanese equipment. Carlos Fernandes Nikon has revealed that it allocated ¥1.8bn (~ $17.6m / £10.5m) to cover the cost of warranty repairs and replacements for its D600 SLR in the last financial year. The 00 can also be useful from time-to-time but 0 is what I use the most. I would NEVER ship my camera in the mail. I always wanted to create such list for reference, so here it is – feel free to post in the comments section if any of the information listed below is incorrect and I will update: Do you know of… Sand in Camera! The 28-70 is a behemoth, so based on your other article, I am guessing S-30? A ghost in the machine, I guess. S30 grease works best for lenses 35mm and shorter or lenses with a short helicoid throw. It's built to hold up to extensive use in tough settings. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. This will always be my place if I’ll need to repair any of my cameras. It’s important to use the correct tool for the job to prevent any accidents. This camera can support burst up to 6.5 fps which is great for action photography. I have learned the HARD way, using $1 set, Swiss army knifes and some ingenuity. as for the 18-200 yes I think the grease has changed. Richard Haw's Classic Nikon Repair and Review, Camera and Lens Repair Essentials (Tools). When I told the manager this, he immediately told me not to worry and that he would take care of me. I just sent a Oly EM-1 in for repair which was covered under the manufacturers warranty and therefore was cost free to me. It’s important that you make one from brass or any metal that’s strong-enough but isn’t too-hard as to mar the surface of your gear. If you find them … please post. Repairing cameras or lenses require special tools just like how watch repair requires special gadgets. Diy service manuals for vehicle Drill bits for drilling or for using with hand taps and the screw extractors. Step 1: Order/obtain Replacement Lens Mount. Hello, Carlos! The company began producing rangefinder cameras in the 1950s, but ended production to focus on single-lens reflex cameras (SLRs). I've been putting off fixing the Camera for some time because of my worry about the cost. Blitzgeräte. Nikon Z9 name first was tossed by veteran blogger and pro-photographer kenrockwell. http://conneelysbedandbreakfast.com/ I will order another one equal to the one you have in the pictures above. May 18, 2017 @ 14:09:55. It is the first in a new line of Nikon FX format cameras which includes technologies from the D810 in a smaller and lighter body. Carlos Almeida Fernandes Vessel TD-55 ou TD-56. I use 2 types of grease, one for general use like this S10 grease and another one that’s a bit thicker if I want the helicoids to be stiffer. Those are the rubber cups. Try contacting rebox-web@sumiyoshi.gr.jp and show him the picture from my blog. The best thing I’ve found for difficult bayonet screws is to use a micro butane torch to heat the stuck screw. Available across the continental USA or from our Central Pennsylvania store, Perfect Image Camera has been helping photographers get back to what they … The work is excellent and I don’t trust my professional camera to just anyone. In this craft, you will quickly collect a big set of drivers. Thanks for finally writing about >Camera and Lens Repair These cannot be bought easily and can only be bought from special manufacturers. On-line booking for Nikon Camera Lens Service / Repair. I had read you post, and as probably many of the those that are starting, I did not pay enough attention to your advices.