Endeavour’s Sustainable Building & Design certificate is a unique, full time, hands-on program where natural building meets high-performance building. Design of wood structures, including mass-timber; 3. Tools, supplies, and background screenings. Buchanan Hall 126 On this course, you’ll learn about the obligations and actions that play a role in the concept and practice of sustainability in construction and development. During the course you will consider the key aspects of sustainable development, including: The drivers – moral, financial and legislative; The options – design, construction, and new technology; The impact – during design, construction and end use; The returns – social, environmental and commercial K6 Professional Practice: Appreciates the principles of professional engineering practice in a sustainable context. The course examines a range of sociological explanations for the various forms of social behaviors and establishes a basis for reflection and further study in the field. Course Learning Outcomes . Emphasis will be on sustainable construction techniques and building science principles. Students in this unit are introduced to sustainable building concepts - being increasing important in today’s society and a key competency requirement for property and real estate professionals. … This course will require that students use their knowledge of construction codes and construction documents and computer aided drafting to provide detailed drawings adhering to the International Energy Conservation Code and Universal Design Principles. Emphasis will be placed on advance organization of architectural information, attention to detail, modifying CAD drawings, and applying problem-solving skills. Hawkeye Community College Course calculations are based on 2020–2021 tuition and fees and course fees. Coordination and guidance will be provided by Department Instructors. Demonstrate understanding of the complexities of sustainability from generic and project specific perspectives, and the obligations of stakeholders, Evaluate the environmental considerations of sustainability and their implications on construction processes and practices, Evaluate economic considerations of sustainability and their implications on construction processes and practices, Evaluate social considerations of sustainability and their implications on construction processes and practices, Demonstrate knowledge of lessons learned from good practices of sustainability initiatives, and better understand how these could be implemented in projects. Sustainable building certification systems; 5. The design and construction management team (including, for example, professional disciplines, roles and responsibilities, contractual arrangements, codes of conduct and ethics). Throughout history, solid buildings that last were always built on a solid foundation (eg. See all those tower cranes and all that heavy equipment? You’ll explore the need for environmental, economic and social sustainability, and the implications for the construction industry. Emphasis will be placed on setting up a drawing, using file management, organizing architectural information, paying attention to detail, converting sketches to CAD, modifying CAD drawings, and applying problem solving skills. Considering a Course in Sustainable Construction Technology? Students will learn building science principles and methods to determine how thermal energy transfer, air infiltration and exfiltration, internal and external air pressures, moisture migration, and durable design strategies apply to today's residential design and construction industry. Service Providers for Basic & Medical Needs, Crisis Assistance. It also counts towards annual CPD requirements (10 hours in total). stone buildings were often erected on rock surfaces). Airtight Technologies in Sustainable Construction. Gain valuable insight into sustainable construction and development, and learn best practices from sustainability initiatives. High-performance building design; 4. The student will study linear, polynomial, rational, exponential, logarithmic and trigonometric functions along with their applications. The course contains references to both Government and International policies and politics covering the development of sustainability … It ensures individuals are up to date with the most relevant … Despite the challenges we face, we remain focused on continuing our leading research and providing quality learning experiences for our students. There follows a review of sustainable construction techniques of domestic scaled buildings using, where appropriate, examples of well documented and/or accessible exemplars. Beginner, … Lab Hours: 32. Lab Hours: 32. And healthcare professionals can earn contact hours. Pre-operation inspections, methods of loading and securing equipment for transport and safe operations will also be discussed. We are proud of our community’s continued response to COVID-19 and willingness to innovate and adapt during this difficult time. You’ll explore the need for … The central theme is the concept of functions, their properties, graphs and applications. CSQ funded: $1,344 - $1,345: … The Cascadia Region Green Building Council, in partnership with the Commercial Brokers Association, wanted to have an online course that would educate commercial brokers about green buildings and provide them with a professional certification.