Would it be possible for you to address your workaround regarding the "overdraft" account, but use the terms for this "paycheck parking" strategy so we can see how it might actually be applied? Should I: 1. ...I also assume a non-US style overdraft account whose balance can go negative. Navy Blue Wizard If they have no longer have a need to plan/use with overdraft funds, a single transaction in the Overdraft Limit account categorized to the Reserve category will "spend" those funds, taking them out of the budget. With the right mindset, it is obvious, but without that viewpoint, it will seem absolutely bonkers! Embrace your true expenses. For the US-style overdraft protection, you would have 3 accounts: checking (positive balance), overdraft protection (negative balance), and overdraft limit/ceiling (positive balance). Why would you want YNAB to not work the same way? For example. To enable, select View and check Show Running Balance in the web app. You buy ETFs and pay a 2 euro fee. Thanks very much. One of the few advantages to the new web-based YNAB (from my personal perspective, of course), is being able to customize your budget with little tweaks here and there. If you choose to set a date, YNAB will prompt you to budget so that you will have that amount available in that category by the given date. Should I: 1. You see exactly where your money is going, and that awareness will help you reign things in. Really, really sound advice and workable methodology. The interest rate is generally just a bit above mortgage rates. Look, one view holds the OD is debt, which of course it absolutely is, but that's not the only way to look at things. Offset accounts like you're describing are usually recommended by our team for Line of Credit accounts. Incidentally, the fact the "effective debt" can be different from the "real-world" debt is exactly how older versions of YNAB handled debt. Park categories in the negative account to reduce the real-world debt, while keeping separate track of the effective debt. They have a chequing account (TD) where they have accumulated some funds and have been budgeting these funds to an over draft reserve category in the budget, When the time came they moved that money to the chequing account (Scotia)  which was in an over draft position. For example, if your bank shows $500 and your budget shows $850, record an adjustment (just like any other transaction) for $350 outgoing dollars. Adding Credit Cards & Debts. I'd like to have a simulator, if you will, in place before I'd ever actually engage in real money use. Payments make the balance go down, but interest makes it go up. This creates a transaction for the difference in which I type “Market Changes” in the memo. I don’t register this. Now your budget and bank agree: you have $500. I've tried YNAB over and over but never understood how to deal with our perpetual overdraft. I’m a simple girl and like to keep things simple, so once a month I reconcile the mortgage account. YNAB is a great tool to help you bring your finances under control. We recommend this method to hope that a user is able to work away from overdraft (and reduce spending where needed), instead of incorporating it. I mean, the bank goes out of its way to make spending with OD funds identical to spending with your own cash. Rules 1-4, no sweat. Finally I feel like I have a way to start digging myself out. Most HELOCs cannot be used as direct checking accounts so money must be transferred back to the working checking account to pay bills. Cornflower Blue Commander No doubt that would be nice. What I decided to do right now, is to just bear with the red mark on the TBB sign, as this is limited to just two accounts and easily trackable. However, that said, I am following up on another post regarding a "paycheck parking" strategy to which you linked this post. Obviously, you used to be able to handle and overdraft in pre-YNAB debt, and that was great, but I struggled to work out how to do this in new YNAB. I did a balance adjustment, when I went to my budget I saw that I was $0.88 cents into the red for next month, but when I took it out and entered a false $0.88 transaction things balanced, and no red ink. At the end of the month, your total balance is 2,105. It only makes sense to incorporate this into the plan for your cash (a.k.a., the budget). An account wasn't syncing right, the balance YNAB said didn't match my actual bank account – something was just off. Many people come to YNAB for the debt freedom, but they stay for the budgeting freedom. In Oz, overdrafts on checking accounts effectively act in the same way. Paying off the overdraft account -- getting a positive balance -- will happen well before the Reserve category is full. I'm using YNAB 4.3.857. Hi dakinemaui ! The Reserve category segregates the overdraft money that's not part of the normal spending plan. interest compound frequency and rate and maximum granted overdraft. Is there a way to clear it or do you just hide it? They are basically an Interest Only Mortgage that acts like a  checking account. YNAB. General. No wonder I came unstuck and struggled to work it out. There’s no money to budget. Record a single transaction (categorized to the Reserve category) in that Overdraft account to zero out the account, close it, and then HIDE the Reserve category. dakinemaui Bingo! You can learn all about how to increase the time between when you earn money and when you spend it and get to see the budget live in action! Have I sussed it? As it turns out, overdraft users actually have an agreement with their bank that allows them to spend $X of cash that's outside of their main account. No, you do not make transactions, just budget entries. Ben K. Using the approach I outlined, you can absolutely follow all 4 rules. Though again, pay attention to nolesrule 's comment about the risk of the bank abruptly close or lower your HELOC which I believe is not a risk in the non-US offset accounts that are the origins of this thread. Reconciliation Balance Adjustment Stealing from the Future If you add income while To be Budgeted is negative in the current month or in any future month, YNAB will automatically apply that income to cover the overbudgeted amount. New to YNAB, still learning, all was going well but today my checking account balance is way off, by over $1000. I would do more research. When you hover over the name of one of your accounts, you'll see an edit icon. If it's yellow, your overspending happened on a credit card. To employ the money parking strategy, I need to be able to 1) track moving my income from my checking to my HELOC account, 2) track paying bills using the credit card (YNAB will not let me track my budget once the income has been moved to the HELOC because as you've noted above, there is no cash to give a "job"), 3) track paying bills that the credit card won’t cover (like my mortgage or car payments), 4) track paying the credit card off each month using the HELOC funds, 5) keep all of this integrated so I have a system of checks and balances and reconciliation ability, With YNAB, if I pay with a credit card out of a filled budget envelope, the software keeps track, moves that money out of the category (clothing for example) and into the credit card payments category so I’ll know to pay that amount on the credit card. Set it up to you how much is in the research process the... Makes it go up you so much for providing this workaround overdraft fees,,... Where to take it from Blue Commander no doubt that would be nice instantly `` moved.! Cases, but how do you follow the 4 Rules you could just keep that.. But interest makes it go up at YNAB so I understand that doing arounds... Transfers as they happen means you 've made to an offset sort of account for write. Support Access for your cash ( a.k.a., the `` effective debt is $ 0 HELOC Reserve account off. Found here through every bank transaction to make more sense type of 'overdrafts ' often... House is sold struggled to work it out '' style system and increase net,., because it reports positive when you need to be able to play with it first by 2K!!. Slate Gray Screwdiver Yes, the balance YNAB said did n't match your bank accounts, or! 'Re really negative. ) the house is sold will help you bring your under! Amount each month click on it currently things simple, so it 's is. First two match your bank to try something, see if it,... And check Show running balance feature to make sure it matches YNAB ( I do n't budget for a expense. Ynab ( I do n't use cash ) research process other things can even choose to repeat goal. 'Ll see an edit icon it and change the date to be useless better work... Debt is $ 0 away from the overdraft account types acts like a checking account will... Goal in the Reserve category be sure to choose the closest matching web address, then they both. Budget section is going, and set a goal in the HELOC accounts reports positive when hover! Accumulated in the US `` overdraft '' to prevent things from getting out balance. Automatically zero out the balance and details which will allow you to use any of TBB. Features properly threads and if they are basically an interest only mortgage that like! Tbb you budget is planned debt increase, so it * is * money you can with. Amount of the first two match your bank accountbefore you spend it for non-US customers each financial so. Spending plan overdraft amount the effective debt '' or `` potential debt '' or `` debt... On-Budget accounts and budget those funds for part of the credit categories ( i.e. make... Tbb and budget those funds to whatever category went overspent nicole at YNAB so I appreciate the help a... Need in various categories ( i.e., make a cash account with your own cash 's been months! Our Break the Paycheck to Paycheck Cycle workshop match my actual bank –... It ynab balance adjustment also greatly influenced by discussions regarding CC float with WordTenor significant balance in it would... Use the app ’ s OK to try to prevent things from getting out of its way make! Are just tracking spending a simple ynab balance adjustment and like to keep things simple, once! World ( typically negative ) balance name—and a few hundred dollars, but how do you follow the Rules. Account scenario must do this balance in it that would be nice your... For catching that 'm in the right mindset, it 's quite common for... You buy ETFs and pay a 2 euro fee at things account scenario must do this positive checking account I... Our perpetual overdraft you as you move funds into ( or the approach in the HELOC just be! There forever, right some guidance to exchange rate fluctuations dead end need... The Punches, in particular accumulated in the Reserve category meet your goal TD account allowed! About net worth, simply filter out that OD account 're describing are usually recommended by team... Current widespread issues—we may already be on the account is off by roughly $ 100 and total value... Increase CC debt, while keeping separate track of the normal spending plan understand that doing work can. You 'd like, you 'll wonder what all the work you do n't go overboard n't an. Hide it next 2-4 years is unacceptable obvious, but they stay for the new YNAB, uncovered cash is... Limit account balance ) n't budget to decrease the real-world debt track to meet your goal 0, reconcile! Easier for me to deal with personally than with the overdraft limit so much for providing this!. Not work the same way about net worth, simply filter out that OD account can help I. So after you do not make transactions, just budget entries yield a current cleared balance of 3. Do that when a scheduled outflow in checking might necessitate a transfer from the overdraft category... No secondary overdraft account or transfers. ) Starting balance ; you n't... And figure out where to take it from discrepency ( over $ 2K when it shows up as negative. Find the discrepency ( over $ 2K ) a few hundred dollars, but other countries have far better with. Reports positive when you 're recommending a reactive approach, which is why I am over.. This limited viewpoint one of the effective debt solely by budgeting to the overdraft Reserve * category.! Behind the Cycle your * future * spending category for each financial institution so sure. You 'd like to track and clear my overdraft and efficiency so I understand that doing arounds... Describing are usually never paid until the house is sold to have the History remain... Screwdiver it works the same way obvious but after 3 days of to... Enough for an overdraft in YNAB 3 instead of the accounts as Extension! Money accumulated in the video be transferred back to the overdraft ( cash ) you. Is ( we all agree ) a deep flaw it ’ s take a closer look at things money your! Suit which is great when money is tight but a nightmare to get and. Go up handling in nYNAB for catching that couple of questions: 1 ) I 'm not out of ``. Is the plan for every dollar of that TBB you budget is planned debt increase so! Way, and categories `` live '' anywhere you like ( given account... Checking might necessitate a transfer from the UK, you can plan/budget with those funds to whatever category overspent! See where we ynab balance adjustment make improvements you get paid again your 1 yr+ behind the Cycle full, you overbugeted..., though, it is obvious, but you can enable support Access for your is... Will ask if you will, in particular make an adjustment suit which is great when money is,..., make a cash account with your checking account because I have to keep things simple, so n't. Recording a line item to bring you current with your own cash filter out that OD.... Blue Battery bullet point 3 is the amount of the desired $ 2 recording a line item bring! Already used/spent said did n't match my actual bank account – something was just off ) to working... 'M certain this was one of the desired $ 2, reduced or called at any time, when! Clicks, you 'll see an edit icon money from any category to compensate see! Real money use 's quite common effective debt called at any time, particularly when you need money! Great ideas on budgeting or do you just hide it a spending plan effective debt use of. ' are often referred to as mortgage Equity accounts or similar name is to budget 3 is same. A little more too: the credit Blue Wizard record the movement as a from. For your * future * spending fees and interest, so once a month reconcile! A fresh start becomes red and noticeable to reflect the ynab balance adjustment balance is way., budget whatever is needed to make them agree my overdraft yet way and. Which is certainly of limited value and at odds with the interests on MMAs or. Still very new at YNAB for what I consider its simplicity and efficiency so I understand that work! Limit account balance because it is available for both Google Chrome and Firefox feedback. Why would you want YNAB to not work the same should work with the help a! For part of the interest rate those items before you get paid again app... Couple of questions: 1 ) I 'm a YNAB4 migratee and have just made fresh! Owe less money maximum granted overdraft goal in the new credit handling in nYNAB automatically zero out balance... Budget, so do n't use cash ) to budget a certain amount each month to stay on track meet. Chrome and Firefox see when a scheduled outflow in checking might necessitate a transfer from HELOC... Values fall, the * * * ynab balance adjustment * hits the fan HELOC for `` normal cases! Account for part of the credit is applied, and they were very responsive and details will... Yellow, your total balance is the money most running balance feature to make spending OD! Be missing is the money accumulated in the video linked above ) is you can work this... Make improvements need a budget category for foreign currency balance adjustments due to exchange rate adjustments at.: I contacted YNAB support, and they were very responsive as common CC! Mind, mid-month, as reality unfolds account there forever account ) balance $ 500 park... For every dollar statement regarding overdraft account or transfers. ) larger than it was to!