[61], While BASF publishes its environmental information in the US and Europe, Greenpeace has expressed deep concerns at BASF's refusal to release environmental information on its operations in China. In 1901, some 80% of the BASF production was dyestuffs. Carl Wurster lead the Zyklon B production of Degesch. Tableting is possible with any conventional equipment and any preferred packaging type. [53][54] In 2010 BASF conducted Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs approved trials of genetically modified potatoes in the United Kingdom. That’s why we are investing in a strong research and development pipeline to underpin a broad portfolio of fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and biological crop protection products, as well as seeds, traits, seed treatment products and digital solutions. Full form of BASF; more_vert. It lowers storage and analytical costs and accelerates product development and process validation. [14] With the German economic miracle in the 1950s, BASF added synthetics such as nylon to its product range. BASF's plastic products include high-performance materials in thermoplastics, foams, and urethanes.[44]. The technique could allow the chemical industry to manufacture chemicals, for example agrochemical actives, far more efficiently than they do now. [25], In October 2017, BASF announced it would buy seed and herbicide businesses from Bayer for €5.9 billion ($7 billion), as part of its acquisition of Monsanto. Concentration camp inmates did not work at the Ludwigshafen and Oppau plants. Investments made for insulating materials usually pay for themselves within a short time and contribute to retaining and even enhancing the value of buildings. [17][19] A court threw out a $66,700 fine against BASF for five environmental violations as "too small".[17]. En dat dankzij zijn unieke genetische code. [6] The company is a component of the Euro Stoxx 50 stock market index. These divisions develop customer-specific products, in particular for the automotive and construction industries. What does BASF mean? More than 117,000 employees in the BASF … The most important customers for this segment are the pharmaceutical, construction, textile, and automotive industries. The company delisted its ADR from the New York Stock Exchange in September 2007. Enter your term in the search box of the website or check out 50+ related full forms given in order to find the term of your choice. [58], BASF SE has succeeded in developing a semi-crystalline polyamide that allows light to pass through largely unhindered. [65], This article is about the German company. [17] The plant produced plastics, herbicides, and antifreeze. The Oppau explosion was the biggest industrial accident in German history. BASF engineering plastics offer decisive advantages over established metal structures in many areas. [42] The US-China trade war as well as uncertainties related to Brexit were identified as contributing factors. ... +46 70 892 98 86 robert.bentley@basf.com. Under the OASE ® brand, BASF provides customized, technologically superior gas treatment technologies for many application fields. What is the full form of BASF ? We offer a broad clearcoat portfolio for OEMs and Tiers covering the full range of different processes and substrates, including design-to-cost, high runner and premium solutions. The purchase price for equity was about €2.2 billion. It is one of the best place for finding expanded names. Through science and innovation we provide our customers with products to meet the current and future needs of business and society. [49], BASF was cooperating with Monsanto Company in research, development and marketing of biotechnology. ... At these spaces full of inspiration and the latest technology, customers can discover BASF’s high-performance plastics, explore potential applications and work hand-in-hand with BASF experts to create new products. All production lines use common raw material sourcing and feed back waste resources, which can be used elsewhere (e.g. [59], In 2006 BASF was included in the Climate Leadership Index for their efforts in relation to climate change and greenhouse gas emissions. Following a change in corporate strategy in 1965, greater emphasis was placed on higher-value products such as coatings, pharmaceuticals, pesticides and fertilizers. BASF Online Report 2018 – Economic, environmental and social performance. Wet granulation is used to form agglomerates of a certain particle size from single powder ingredients. Its business is organized in the segments of Chemicals, Plastics, Performance Products, Functional Solutions, Agricultural Solutions, and Oil and Gas. Piping is used ubiquitously for volume materials. BASF Report 2018 (PDF) ; Excel files (XLS) ; Download the entire BASF Report 2018 as a PDF. /content/basf/nutrition/global/en /content/basf/nutrition/global/en/human-nutrition /content/basf/nutrition/global/en/human-nutrition/products [40] BASF's shares traded at over €69 per share, and its market capitalization was valued at US€63.7 billion in November 2018. BASF completely took over the Herbol branches in Cologne and Würzburg in 1970. Additionally, the unique polyamide is UV and temperature resistant, scratch-proof as well as suitable for flame-retardant requirements. Careers. [22] Sorex is a manufacturer of branded chemical and non-chemical products for professional pest management. Customers are the automotive, oil, paper, packaging, textile, sanitary products, detergents, construction materials, coatings, printing, and leather industries. In March 2007 Sorex was put up for sale with a price tag of about £100 million. Not able to find full form or full meaning of BASF May be you are looking for other term similar to BASF. BASF SE is a German multinational chemical company and the largest chemical producer in the world. Rubber, fuels, and coatings were added to the range of products. [23], In December 2010, BASF completed the acquisition of Cognis. BASF produces a wide range of chemicals such as solvents, amines, resins, glues, electronic-grade chemicals, industrial gases, basic petrochemicals, and inorganic chemicals. PolyurethanesBASF's Polyurethanes business consists of diverse technologies and finished products. The allies dissolved IG Farben in November 1945. [citation needed], BASF is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, London Stock Exchange, and Zurich Stock Exchange. Due to a shortage of male workers during the war, women were conscripted to work in the factories, and later prisoners of war and foreign civilians. The gasworks produced tar as a by-product, and Engelhorn used this for the production of dyes. [42] However, overall third quarter profit beat expectations as the acquisition of Bayer AG's agrochemical and seed business help to offset some of the effects of the trade war.[43]. BASF's styrenic copolymers have applications in electronics, building and construction, and automotive components. Biodegradable plasticsBASF developed a biodegradable plastic with a high content of polylactic acid. BASF bought the Engelhard Corporation for $4.8 billion in 2006. In 2011 BASF and INEOS blended their global business activities in the fields of styrene monomers (SM), polystyrene (PS), acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), styrene butadiene copolymers (SBC) and other styrene-based copolymers (SAN, AMSAN, ASA, MABS) into a joint venture named Styrolution.[45]. BASF's Coatings division develops, produces and markets a high-quality range of innovative and sustainable automotive OEM and refinish coatings, decorative paints and surface-applied treatments for metal, plastic and glass substrates for a wide range of industries. BASF originally stood for Badische Anilin- und Soda-Fabrik. Today, the four letters are a registered trademark and the company is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, London Stock Exchange, and Zurich Stock Exchange. BASF operates in a variety of markets. At BASF, we help find the right balance for success for farmers, for agriculture and for future generations. With our ColorCARE ® program, we help ensure that plastic add-on parts, such as bumpers and side-view mirrors, are a perfect match to the car body. The sites at Ludwigshafen and Oppau were controlled by French authorities. BASF also acquired and began mining anhydrite for gypsum at the Kohnstein in 1917.[11]. BASF recruited Heinrich Caro, a German chemist with experience of the dyestuff industry in England, to be the first head of research. FoamsFoams like Styropor are generally used as insulating materials. Both the Ludwigshafen and Oppau plants were of strategic importance for the war because the German military needed many of their products, e.g., synthetic rubber and gasoline. Due to the high cost of such an integrated production site, it establishes a high entry barrier for competitors trying to enter the market for volume chemicals. 36% of the shares are held in Germany, 11% in the UK and 17% in the U.S. BASF's recent success is characterized by a focus on creating resource efficient product lines after completely abandoning consumer products. You can find detailed information on our product range by looking up your industry or using our Product Finder. This ″Verbund″ site is intended for the production of engineering plastics and TPU. On 21 September 1921, an explosion occurred in Oppau, killing 565 people. In het BASF Innovation Center in Gent groeit misschien de tarweplant die een antwoord biedt op de stijgende vraag naar voedsel. [21][citation needed], On 19 December 2008, BASF acquired U.S.-based Whitmire Micro-Gen together with U.K.-based Sorex Ltd, Widnes, Great Britain. The chemical factory IG Auschwitz has a width of 3 km and a length of 8 km, resulting in a size of 24km². Engelhorn had been responsible for setting up a gasworks and street lighting for the town council in 1861. BASF AB BASF ceased to make its own and bought it from the Solvay company thereafter. From products to protect buildings from termites to mosquito nets which effectively combat the spread of vector-borne diseases, we help our customers to keep their homes, food establishments, and … The purchase price was $470 million on a cash and debt-free basis. BASF has 8 production facilities in India. It is not only the design of the color, but also the color match that is significant for the perfect appearance of a car. [7][8], BASF is an acronym for Badische Anilin und Soda Fabrik (German for ''Baden Aniline and Soda Factory''). They are eco-efficient and offer advantages over other materials in terms of cost-effectiveness, preservation of resources and environmental protection. The acquisition of Johnson Polymer was completed on 1 July 2006. [33][34][35] On 14 February 2020, the jury involved in the lawsuit ruled against BASF its co-defendant Bayer, which had acquired Monsanto and its products, and found in favor of the peach grower, Bader Farms owner Bill Bader. BASF supplies agricultural products and chemicals including fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and seed treatment products. [9], Sodium carbonate (soda) was produced by the Leblanc process until 1880 when the much cheaper Solvay process became available. [46][47] The company also researches nutrigenomics. In 1916, BASF started operations at a new site in Leuna, where explosives were produced during the First World War. Ultramid Vision combines very high light transmission with low light scattering. It was founded by Friedrich Engelhorn on 6 April 1865 in Mannheim, in the German-speaking state of Baden. BASF soon tried to operate union-free, having already reduced or eliminated union membership in several other US plants. Home Knowledge Abbreviations Full form of BASF. [24], In May 2015, BASF agreed to sell parts of its pharmaceutical ingredients business to Swiss drug manufacturer Siegfried Holding for a fee of €270 million, including assumed debt. Coincidentally, Perkin applied for a virtually identical patent on 26 June 1869, and the two companies came to a mutual commercial agreement about the process. [9], The development of the Haber process from 1908 to 1912 made it possible to synthesize ammonia (a major industrial chemical as the primary source of nitrogen), and, after acquiring exclusive rights to the process, in 1913 BASF started a new production plant in Oppau, adding fertilizers to its product range. Engelhorn had been responsible for setting up a gasworks and street lighting for the town council in 1861. 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[29], On 27 January 2020, the first-ever lawsuit concerning Dicamba-related products began in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Abbreviations.com. BASF Agricultural Solutions – Global Website. The plant, however, was erected on the other side of the Rhine river at Ludwigshafen because the town council of Mannheim was afraid that the air pollution from the chemical plant could bother the inhabitants of the town. BASF developed polystyrene in the 1930s and invented Styropor in 1951. 75% of the BASF shares are held by institutional investors (BlackRock more than 5%). There are endless career opportunities at the BASF sites in Louisiana. Following the appointment of Adolf Hitler as Chancellor in 1933, IG Farben collaborated with the Nazi regime, profiting from guaranteed volumes and prices, and from the slave labor provided by the government's Nazi concentration camps. [63] BASF worked with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MoDNR) to resolve questions regarding the elevated level of hexavalent chromium that was detected in the effluent from one of its permitted outfalls into the Mississippi River. At BASF, we create chemistry for a sustainable future. Processes like wet granulation are required in order to achieve a homogenous and compressible "mixture" of the single components of a solid oral dosage form. BASF Agricultural Solutions – Global Website BASF’s sustainability targets in agriculture 2030 More about our contribution to the right balance and better yield BASF built a new chemical complex in Dahej, Gujarat at a cost of $100 million. In addition, the transaction was associated with a debt of €500 million. BASF offers the key functional materials required to achieve great wet granulation results. Work with us to get the full benefit of … BASEA - BASEC - BASEEFA - BASELT - BASES - BASFY - BASG - BASH - BASH-R - BASHA. 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