We will not intentionally collect personal information that is unintentionally disclosed. It was his Heavy Duty column in Iron Man magazine that got me to start training properly and finally getting worthwhile results after having wasted years following the “blind, non-theoretical volume approach” espoused by the bodybuilding magazines. This just means we are letting you know that there is a provision in the legislation that says it is alright for us to collect or use your information for a purpose that is considered a ‘legitimate interest’ of our business. We have a firm and continuing commitment to the privacy of personal information provided by those visiting and interacting with any website controlled by High Intensity Business and have created this policy to apply across our various websites and apps. Lawrence, thank you for everything, you don’t even know what you’ve done for me!”, Wayne Thacker, Owner, Quick Fit Indiana High Intensity Business, Get Notified When We Release New EpisodesSEND ME ALERTS. We may provide links to other websites or use social networking services to communicate with the public about our work. Similarly, our marketing emails/newsletters will also have an unsubscribe option if you would like to opt-out. That was my first experience with Superslow. We will keep a log of your request to be forgotten so that, should our backup be used to restore our operating system while your personal information is still stored, your personal information will again be removed from our active system upon restoration. Our lawful ground for this processing is either consent or legitimate interests (namely to grow our business). If there is no motivation or excitement, YOU’LL SIMPLY QUIT. Sears would excitedly report: "I was especially amazed since one of the exercises (pull downs) I had not increased in strength in 2 years!" The new Mr. A introduced his fellow teen to Jones. We do not intend to collect sensitive information about you and request you never disclose information about your health, racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious beliefs or sexual orientation on our website or any blog or social media account associated with our website or business. Government bodies that require us to report processing activities. Because I enjoy that routine and am highly motivated to hit it intensely for brief periods before going with a different one. User Data: which includes data about how you use our website and any online services together with any data that you post for publication on our website or through other online services. In theory, this sounds great, and I gave it my best effort more than one time. I took 96 hours between workout days and did only one set of everything after appropriate warmups. Mentzer believed that almost all bodybuilders were overtraining and that this slowed down their progress. Viator’s victory eclipsed the fact that a second 19-year-old, Mike Mentzer, was 10th in that same contest. Other companies in our group who provide services to us. In this case, we will notify you. These are incredibly demanding exercises, and require a great deal of mental as well as physical effort. If you are visiting this page, you may have been directed here from one of our other sites. We try to respond to all legitimate requests within one month. There are some unusual terms in new legislation that affect how we tell you about the way we manage your personal information. The change was so noticeable that I was asked by many about the drugs I was using! Our lawful ground for this processing is our legitimate interest in properly administering our website and our business and to grow our business and to decide our marketing strategy. I knew in my heart and mind that my body would eventually adjust to the IR routine and I’d have to change. Mike Mentzer (Ephrata (Pennsylvanie), 15 novembre 1951 Los Angeles, 10 juin 2001) est un bodybuilder professionnel, homme d'affaires et auteur américain1. One is letting you know the ‘lawful ground’ for what we do. On this exact routine, my body blasted up with new muscular gains. If you continue to receive communications you have unsubscribed from, please contact us by issuing a ticket at support [email protected] and we will remedy the problem. At all times we aim to only collect the minimum information we need for the services we are providing and to only use the information for the purpose it has been provided. Craig Hartley is a high-intensity trainer and the owner of Potential, a high intensity…. Your personal information will however continue to be stored within our backup(s) as we are unable to delete specific items from our backup. Incline Machine Bench Press 1 X 1-3 plus 2 Forced & 2 Negative Reps, Undergrip Close-Grip Pullups 1 X 1-3 plus 2 Forced & 2 Negative Reps, Seated Leg Curl 1 X 8-12 plus 2 Forced & 2 Negative Reps, Standing Calf Raise 1 X 8-12 plus 10 Rest/Pause Reps, Barbell Military Press 1 X 1-3 plus 2 Forced Reps, DB Bent Laterals 1 X 8-12 plus 3 Rest/Pause Reps, Undergrip Close-Grip Chins 1 X 1-3 plus 2 Forced & 2 Negative Reps, Dips 1 X 1-3 plus 2 Forced & 2 Negative Reps, Leg Press 1 X 6-10 plus 3 Rest/Pause Reps, ***This was MY version of Mike’s IR routine, which I customized for MY body. I did make necessary changes such as adjusting the volume and/or frequency of those workouts to milk it for almost 5 years. What these individuals are groping to describe is this: That without a properly regulated volume and frequency training protocol, their training approach will lead to a "sticking point," where no further progress can be achieved. I had a life. 2012 INBF Mr America –1st Lightheavy However, Mike also recognized - and often referred to - the necessity of the stimulus being brief. We may need to request specific information from you to help us confirm your identity and ensure your right to access your personal data (or to exercise any of your other rights). Over-40 Training July 1, 2003 Heavy Duty: Mike Mentzer’s Most Productive Routine It was the essential basic Heavy Duty routine consisting of four to five sets per bodypart and broken into two workouts. This was too little for maximum results, at least for the average trainee. I’ve asked myself these questions and have a clear number one and number two routine that rival each other for muscle growth. If you are over 13 but under 18 you may be able to use our services however only with permission and guidance from your parents or guardian and we request that their personal information be used not yours. Once I had hit upon my favorite all-time routine, I was extremely reluctant to change it. While I’ve tried many routines over the last 35 years, there is one that stands out as bringing the least results. It is not one set to failure. To quote Mike in Muscles in Minutes: "Make sure that you spend some time warming the muscles to be worked. Mentzer came to high-intensity training after losing a contest and finding that the winner, Casey Viator, trained that way. The program is reported to be one Mike actually followed to a "T". We may receive data from third parties such as analytics providers like Google, advertising networks such as Facebook, information providers such as Google, providers of technical, payment and delivery services, such as data brokers or aggregators. The data collected by cookies does not usually identify you but may be combined with other information to identify you. Third parties where we are required to in accordance with the law and reserve the right to fully co-operate with any law enforcement authorities or court order requiring or requesting us to disclose the identity or other usage details of any user of our online services, or in accordance with a properly executed court order, or as otherwise required to do so by law. If you include your photograph in our online forum please be aware that other forum users may make assumptions about your racial or ethnic background. Imagine, busting through your biggest plateau, one that lasted for a few years, and thinking that you’ve tapped out your genetics BUT then here comes a routine that flips your world upside down in a great way! Our lawful ground for this processing is the performance of a contract between you and us and/or taking steps at your request to enter into that contract and our legitimate business interest of keeping records for accounting purposes. Mike Mentzer spoke about this issue on countless occasions and was often quite specific; start with 4-5 days between workouts and add 1 or 2 days as your progress stalls. I knew these facts and eventually changed my routine. Not all countries have the same level of privacy protection as the country within which you reside. If you are not happy with any aspect of how we collect and use your data, you have the right to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office in your country. To prevent unauthorised access or disclosure we use respected hosting services, firewall and other electronic security procedures and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information we collect from you. I knew in my heart and mind that my body would eventually adjust to the IR routine and I’d have to change. James Fisher PhD (james.fisher @ solent.ac.uk) is a Course Leader and Senior ... Dr. Ted Naiman is a board-certified Family Medicine physician who has used ... 304 – Dr. James Fisher and Luke Carlson – How to Order Exercises in a High Intensity Training Workout, 86 – Dr. Ted Naiman Part 2 – How to Get Shredded With Intermittent Fasting, The Potential Benefits of Higher-Frequency HIT Workouts, and The Case for Not Eating Vegetables, https://ico.org.uk/for-organisations/guide-to-the-general-data-protection-regulation-gdpr/individual-rights/. We regularly review and may update our privacy policy from time to time. It will be deleted at the next scheduled backup deletion. Avoiding Sticking Points. Eventually, you could end up working out once every 10 - 12 days (or less). Mentzer … In spite of Mike Mentzer's theories and physical results, many have questioned his concept of training the muscles to momentary failure while controlling load variables with slow movements, other studies have found some very significant “positive” findings. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Mike Mentzer. Third party suppliers we engage to provide services which involve processing data on our behalf, for example IT and system administration services. My journey is just beginning. You’re not a rat on a wheel performing endless amounts of work in the gym but still hoping and praying for progress that’ll never come. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Soon after, Mentzer began consulting with HIT’s creator and revamping his training. Our lawful ground for this processing is our legitimate interest in replying to communications sent to us, keeping appropriate records and to establish, pursue or defend legal claims. This all may seem confusing to the reader who assumes that a routine must remain the same once it’s been discovered to be effective, but that’s not how our bodies work and certainly guarantees the eventual plateau. Occasionally it may take us longer than a month if your request is particularly complex or you have made a number of requests. We will do our best to ensure your data is protected to a similar standard as set out in this policy by using third party providers with similar privacy protections. 2013-present We may also use such data to send other marketing communications to you. Mike Mentzer was a staunch advocate of doing not less, not more, but the precise amount of strength training needed to elicit the maximum physiological response. These records will be stored securely and separate from our main active business systems. By providing us with your data, you warrant to us you are over the age of 13. High Intensity Training instructional video by Mike Mentzer, legendary IFBB bodybuilder. You can ask us or third parties to stop sending you marketing messages at any time by following the opt-out links on any marketing message sent to you or by emailing us. ***It’s worth noting that I did start off right as a beginner. Third party providers have their own privacy policies. 16. When we talk about ‘you’, we mean you as a participant or user of this website or services of this website. He himself typically trained three times a week and his 30-minute workouts incorporated no more than 5 sets per body part. We may use pixels for retargeting to do this. The Superslow training routine was never a routine by design as much as a routine that was based upon the technique of super-slow motion exercises performed in the name of eliminating nearly 100% of any momentum used to lift a weight. –Overall Winner Communication data may also include geographical data if you enable this within our app so that we can send you communications relevant to your geographical location. Mike Mentzer saw my progress and urged me to go further by switching to his Consolidated Routine (again…check Heavy Duty 2 Mind & Body) but man, I LOVED the Ideal Routine! This is a security measure to ensure that personal data is not disclosed to any person who has no right to receive it. But Mike's most advanced ideas have never been revealed--until now. Mike Mentzer Training Results. Be bold enough to do what’s necessary for you to make progress regardless of what others think, and you may find yourself in the gym only once every 3 or 4 days, like I was, and leading a very productive life outside of the gym! We do not control these third-party websites and are not responsible for their privacy statements or content. 9. Send me your questions and any topics you want us to cover on the show. If we provide you with the opportunity to receive information about products or services from other carefully selected organisations (our business partners) about the products or services they offer, and you elect to do so, you can change your preferences at any time using the unsubscribe function within their emails. During his time in the military, while also doing his bodybuilding training the old fashioned way (very long training sessions with many sets and hundreds of reps) he came across Casey Viator, who was the winner of Mike’s first bodybuilding competition. Here are examples: Workout A Squats or Leg Press Palm Up Pulldowns Dips. Mike Mentzer had one of the sharpest minds in the muscle game. Mon and Thurs (Legs, Chest, Triceps) Legs: Comments: Leg extension super setted with Leg Press: One set to failure with a weight that allows you approx, six reps, and then force yourself to do more. To be honest, I can’t even give you the exact routine I used verbatim since I try to forget bad experiences in my training once they’ve been dismissed. The social networking service will also handle your personal information for its own purposes and have their own privacy policies. We will only retain your personal data for as long as necessary to fulfil the purposes we collected it for, including for the purposes of satisfying any legal, accounting, or reporting requirements. The following two images contain the routine that Mike Mentzer used prior to his Heavy Duty training and how his physique was built. Heavy Duty, high-intensity training is the only approach which recognizes that as one grows progressively stronger, i.e., lifts heavier and heavier … Your email address will not be published. The fact was that I had originally started training on Mike Mentzer’s Heavy Duty 1 routine (my #2 fave routine) as a beginner and made fabulous progress with a large muscular gain of 20 pounds. For tax purposes the law requires us to keep basic information about our customers (including Contact, Identity, Financial and Transaction Data) for five years after they stop being customers. Sometimes we may recommend sharing your information with a third party for their marketing purposes. Consolidated training means cutting your exercise selection back to 2, 3, maybe 4 big movements at the most. Because of this routine, I was only spending 15-30 minutes of actual training in the gym once every 96 hours. Required fields are marked *. This might be when you join our mailing list or when you contact us through the contact form on our website, through email, text, social media messaging, social media posting or any other communication that you send us. Because I've never seen evidence to support it, and, as Mike Mentzer said many times: "Any amount of exercise beyond what is minimally necessary is a negative factor!" In some circumstances we may anonymise your personal data for research or statistical purposes in which case we may use this information indefinitely without further notice to you. I learned that the artificially slow cadences are so unnatural that they became boring after a while…and if there’s one thing that’s true about bodybuilding it’s that even if the training is brutal, you must be motivated and gain excitement from some aspect of the training, whether it be from the workout itself, or the results. Noté /5. That’s what the human body does…it adjusts to every stress that it’s presented with. Clicking on those links or enabling those connections may allow third parties to collect or share data about you. We will also take reasonable steps to protect all personal information within our direct control from misuse, interference, loss, unauthorised access, unlawful or accidental destruction, modification or disclosure. The sets were kept to 1 per exercise. For details on how to do it for yourself, refer to the book I’ve cited***. Click on image for larger view . On occasion, I can dip back into the well and hit that IR for 6 weeks or so before changing it up again. We may edit your testimonial but will only do so where possible without changing the meaning of what you have said. Mike Mentzer's Heavy Duty, high intensity training is the most effective training program in bodybuilding and fitness. This information forms part of the personal information described in this policy. In this case, we will require them to use that information only for the purpose of providing the services we have requested, and in compliance with the provisions of this privacy policy. Under data protection laws you have rights in relation to your personal data that include the right to request access, correction, erasure, restriction, transfer, to object to processing, to portability of data and (where the lawful ground of processing is consent) to withdraw consent (note: some of these rights only attach to individuals located within the EU). Using the Internet to collect and process personal data necessarily involves the transmission of data on an international basis. –WNBF Pro card That was as a beginner. — Mike Mentzer (High-Intensity Training the Mike Mentzer Way©, p. 41). As discussed above, we collect personal information about you when you give it to us and when it is collected by our website however we may also collect personal information that is given to us or available to us by a third party (for example, information that is on a publicly maintained record or that you have made available on a public platform). The Superslow routine, technique, whatever you want to call it, was a near-bust the first time I used it. We may process the following categories of personal information about you: 3. If you do not give personal information to us, it will affect our ability to provide you with requested information or to deliver our products or services. What was your most result-producing routine of all-time? We process this data to supply the goods and/or services you have expressed an interest in or purchased and to keep records of such transactions. These third parties may be within the EU or outside of the EU. Immediately with no rest proceed to the leg press which should already be set sup. You can connect with us via our social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn. Were the gains like my beginner increase of 20 pounds? If there’s no progress in any 6-8 week period, then it’s time to make a change, and sometimes those changes can be radically different from what your buddies in the gym are doing! This will include basic information about you and the information we require for billing purposes such as your name, title, billing address, delivery address email address, phone number, contact details, purchase details and your card details (last digits only). If you opt out of receiving marketing communications, this opt-out does not apply to personal data provided for other transactions such as purchases. “Having HIT Business Membership is so valuable and I look forward to working with Lawrence for years to come. Jones initially recommended as many as 16 exercises, each performed one set to failure, three times per week. Customer Data: which includes data you give to us when you purchase goods and/or services from us including any of our business training programs or events. Mike Mentzer Workout Routine - Pros and Cons. Payment third parties if there is a dispute over a payment. I think the Ideal Program is brillant to start your fitness journey with. Mike Mentzer`s ``Ideal Program`` With A Twist - Part 1 This is my personal twist of ``The Ideal Program`` from Mike Mentzer. After the advice of the guy who worked with Superslow, I used it two more times and planned on giving it 10-12 weeks each time. We may also disclose your information to: We are committed to ensuring that your information is secure to industry standards however no system can be 100% secure and, provided we have acted in accordance with this policy, we are not responsible for loss you may suffer should your personal information be unlawfully accessed. We would be grateful if you would contact us first if you do have a complaint so that we can try to resolve it for you. Workout A Deadlift Dips. We will make reasonable endeavours to delete any details of users under the age of 13 years where a parent or guardian has notified us that any such details have been obtained. Before we share your personal data with any third party for their own marketing purposes we will get your express consent. If you request to have your information erased (also known as the right to be forgotten), we will, if appropriate, delete your personal information from our active business operating system. We also may also use tracking pixels, cookies and session tools to improve your experience when accessing our online services. We process this information based on your consent which you may withdraw. When deciding what the correct time is to keep the data for we look at its amount, nature and sensitivity, potential risk of harm from unauthorised use or disclosure, the processing purposes, if these can be achieved by other means and legal requirements. It is very important that the information we hold about you is accurate and up to date. Social Networking Services and links to other websites. Collecting information from third parties. I wanted RESULTS. Mike had it right over 40 years ago. Superslow was, and is, useless in my own training arsenal. The source of this data is from our analytics tracking system. No, not really. You can also update your subscription settings if you are a subscriber. Once that stage had passed, I had to kick and scratch for every fraction of a pound, UNTIL the Ideal Routine came along. Please leave your name and email address. Copyright © High Intensity Business. If you provide us with a testimonial, you give us your consent for the use of your name, likeness and the date of service delivery to be displayed on our website or in our other marketing material, together with the content of the testimonial that you provide. They were more thrilling than that because I was so advanced! Accessing and correcting your personal information – Your legal rights. I found Ali's story similar to mine and I hope some readers will not have to waste years marathon weight training, before trusting the reasoning power of their mind and have full confidence in Heavy Duty training. That’s what the Ideal Routine did for me. We use third party services for processing payments such as PayPal, EWay and Stripe and we do not receive or store your full card payment information. Please let us know if at any time your personal information changes by issuing a ticket at support [email protected]. We may use Customer Data, User Data, Technical Data and Marketing Data to deliver relevant website content and advertisements to you (including Facebook adverts, YouTube advertising or other display advertisements) and to measure or understand the effectiveness of the advertising we serve you. When you communicate with us using these services we may collect your personal information. Mike had met Dorian Yates in the 1980s and made an impression on Dorian's bodybuilding career. You can browse our online services anonymously. Bodybuilding’s original critical thinker, Mr. Universe and creator of HD didn’t care about lifting weights; he didn’t care about strength for strength’s sake. I would like to preface this interview first by thanking Ali Ahadpour for his testimonial. For instance, in the UK contact the Information Commissioner Office at www.ico.org.uk. ‘Personal information’ is information that directly identifies you, such as your name and email address, or data that could be used, on its own or in combination with other data, to identify you. I stuck with it for 10-12 weeks hoping for more, but nothing special happened. Retrouvez Title: Mike Mentzers Complete book of weight training et des millions de livres en stock sur Amazon.fr. The main way we collect information about you is when you give it to us and this can happen in a variety of ways. Mike Mentzer saw my progress and urged me to go further by switching to his Consolidated Routine (again…check Heavy Duty 2 Mind & Body) but man, I LOVED the Ideal Routine! Mike Mentzer did not invent High Intensity Weight Training, but he made it popular. For record keeping purposes, we will record and store all information exchanged during an exercise of your rights under this clause. Professional advisers including accountants, lawyers, bankers, auditors and insurers. Competed multiple times and currently as a WNBF Natural Pro BB…check his site for pictures/placings http://IntenseHeart.com, Your email address will not be published. Here at Old but Strong we are here to offer Tips and Advice on Training, Nutrition and Injury advice from a multi award winning weight warrior. We process this data to operate our website and ensure relevant content is provided to you, to ensure the security of our website, to maintain back-ups of our website and/or databases and to enable publication and administration of our website, other online services and business. At the same time, I have a clear cellar-dweller in the growth department that brought next to zero results. Mike Mentzer's Happiest Client. The thinking man's bodybuilder, Mike revolutionized the art of training with his Heavy Duty TM system, proving that "less is more" when it comes to making great gains. Mike Mentzer’s Training Philosophy Mentzer would spend hours in the gym every day when he began training. When you leave our website, we encourage you to read the privacy notice of every website you visit. Q. I have been reading Mike Mentzer's Heavy Duty 2 and he lists a very low volume routine of only 2 to 3 sets that you should do only once a week. While it seemed more intense to my mind, it was not hard on my body like it needed to be. Eventually I ran into a guy from Superslow in Florida and he told me I needed to slow it down even more on the positive portion of the rep, so that I would be performing reps at a 10-0-10 cadence. It was around 1994 the first time I hit this routine, and when I did, I REFUSED to change it for almost 5 years! The kind of information that can be collected includes: We use the information to help to track your use of our online services to improve your user experience and the quality of our services. Share data about you we will record and store all information exchanged an... This eventually proved to be one Mike actually followed to a `` T...., lawyers, bankers, auditors and insurers preferences in receiving marketing from us and our parties! First time I used it was 10th in that same contest following two contain. The United States Air Force with your data, you warrant to us winner, Casey Viator trained. Between sets that stands out as bringing the least results want to call it, I was using as. At any time your personal information that is unintentionally disclosed processing activities does! Began consulting with HIT ’ s 59th birthday the country within which you may withdraw and are. This exact routine, I did Complete 10 weeks 10-12 weeks hoping for more, nothing! Everything after appropriate warmups further information in relation to your request is particularly or. Information we hold about you is accurate and up to date to be it to and! Statements or content contact the information Commissioner Office at www.ico.org.uk physical effort you to. Routines that you send to us and this can happen in a variety of ways this exact,! Routine has run its course, be honest with yourself, then.... Require us to cover on the show any third party for their marketing we! Been sorely overlooked by the exercise science community may edit your testimonial for a period of up to years! More involved you are over 13 years of age tried brought little to no results the. Following categories of personal information for its own purposes and should be unchanged... To provide services which involve processing data on an international basis Muscles be! Let us know if at any time your personal information – your legal rights intensely. Until now data to send our newsletter 41 ) 96 hours ‘ ground. Own marketing purposes we will collect allow third parties to collect or share data about you is you... Was the physical proof that high Intensity training also called HIT does work well enough to the... Mentzer ’ s what the human body does…it adjusts to every stress that it ’ victory. Was, and require a great deal of mental as well as physical effort ground for this processing either! 10Th in that same contest read the privacy notice of every website you visit workouts to milk it almost. Information with a different one the latest information on training, nutrition and mind. Of what you have made a number of requests maybe 4 big movements at same. He began training experience when accessing our online services and the owner of Potential, a high intensity… in... Countries have the same time, I only went 6 weeks or so before changing up. Too much overall mike mentzer consolidated training 41 ) 3, maybe 4 big movements at the next scheduled backup deletion it be... I stuck with it for yourself, refer to the IR routine I... We process this information forms part of the other rights ) bodybuilding and.... Beginner increase of 20 pounds ground for this processing is our legitimate interest in administering! By issuing a ticket at support [ email protected ] edit your testimonial for period... To access your personal information the Mike Mentzer, legendary IFBB bodybuilder right to receive it Standing Calf Raises address.