("The Incident, Part 1"), James dropped out of school in the ninth grade. According to eye patch man, they aren't part of the dharma initiative but there are some clues dotted about in … Sawyer was playing a game of Risk against Hurley when the phone rang, heralding the imminent arrival of Keamy and his team. While he drank a beer, he watched Juliet dig Tom's grave and listened as Hurley told everyone of Jack's call. After Alex is murdered by Keamy and Ben unleashes the smoke monster on the attackers, Sawyer decides to go back to Jack and the others on the beach. Later, in his car James tells Miles everything, including his yearn to kill Cooper. Sawyer followed Juliet and Locke as they tracked Jones to the Others' camp. When they return to the beach they discover the camp is back but has been abandoned and they also find a rowing boat on which they decide to use to get to the Orchid. Later, when Locke returned to camp alone, Sawyer asked where Sayid was. That was literally the end of their relationship. On the day of the funeral, Jacob expresses his condolences to Sawyer, even as he is writing his 'I am going to find you' letter for the conman who took his family. Pickett then came, and told Kate that she had to go and work, and that Sawyer had a day off. He is then carried via hand-made stretcher until the death of Shannon, where he is carried by Mr. Eko into the hatch. After Jack chose to ignore Locke's pleas for them to stay, they left with Hurley. "He had discovered a great law of human action, without knowing it – namely, that in order to make a man or a boy covet a thing, it is only necessary to make the thing difficult to attain. On the way, he brushed off Kate when she said she wanted to go back to help the people at the beach. Hurley, who seemed very happy to see Sawyer alive, hugged him, and bribed him with DHARMA beer to help him flip the DHARMA van. ("Exposé"), After burying Nikki and Paulo, Sawyer defiantly called Hurley "rotund," upholding the letter of his week-long 'punishment', if not the spirit of it. Sawyer furthermore showed an odd passion for reading literature on the Island, but soon after began experiencing headaches. The group led the new arrivals to their current home in the Arrow station. When Kate and Jack finally return, Sawyer is outraged they have brought Juliet along. He remained one of the show's main protagonists until its conclusion after six seasons. The passengers ditch all unnecessary items to lighten the load, but Frank declares it will not be enough. Back at the cages, he admits his real name to Kate. ("Exodus, Part 3"), While Jin seemingly vanished, Sawyer and Michael managed to grab onto the raft's wreckage. When Sawyer woke up, he was confronted by Horace Goodspeed, who asked for his story. Because of this, she immediately kissed him and they gave in to their passions, making love inside his cage. Sawyer slammed the hatch closed, and told Frank to submerge the submarine. Sawyer was asked by John Locke to kill a man, Anthony Cooper, who was revealed to be the real "Sawyer". MAJOR SPOILER ALERT (for those who haven't watched the series): Before I begin, I need to point out that the "ending" of Lost was not the final episode of the series. Upon succeeding this feat, Sawyer is challenged by Jack to a game of poker with the medicine as the prize, which Jack wins. At the end of their journey, they arrived at a steep cliff leading straight down to the ocean. What happened in those lives, in that state before they died, is what interests me. Journeying on to the cockpit, Sawyer eventually joined Locke's side. He suggested that they either leave the Island by submarine before they are caught, or head into the jungle to "start from square one." Sawyer joined Dr Hook in 1969, two years after he lost an eye in a car accident. ("Pilot, Part 2")  ("Tabula Rasa"), Sawyer revealed his stubborn and cocky attitude when Jack and the rest of the group accused him of hoarding a young woman's asthma inhaler. ("The End"). "Locke" tasked Sawyer to take an outrigger to Hydra in order to "do some recon". It is also hard for him to work with other people, a quality essential for surviving on the island, and is quoted saying "every man for himself" when he is expected to help Jack escape from The Others in season three. Sawyer tried to comfort Hurley over Charlie's death, but Hurley did not want to talk about it. The Numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, and 42 correspond to a surname, for Locke, Reyes, Ford, Jarrah, Shephard and Kwon, respectively. Poor Juliet (Elizabeth Mitchell). James makes a deal with Widmore: he will lead the Man in Black into a trap in exchange for safe passage away from the island. Separately, Mike Nichols and Diane Sawyer led impressive lives. The assailants are gone, and they are rowing in the rain. Josh Holloway, Actor: Lost. Later at the hospital, James asked Jack where he could buy some grub, and Jack said he should try the vending machines. What did Tom and Huck find in the cave. Afterward, Sawyer confronted Locke about the $3.2 million that Miles wanted from Ben. Juliet arrives at the same moment and gives her advice to unplug the machine and the candy will fall. They have sex, and while Ben is unconscious, having a tumor removed by Jack, Pickett takes the opportunity to finally kill Sawyer. He pretends to begin a long con, using her money to set it up, but in fact he simply plans to take the money. Sawyer asked Kate to come with him. ("Something Nice Back Home"), Sawyer, Miles, and Aaron were making their way back to the beach when they ran into Kate and Jack, who were tracking the helicopter. Actor When asked who he was talking to, Sawyer lied and said he had not been talking to anyone. After grabbing a gun from one of the Others, Sawyer escaped the Temple, warning them not to follow him. It soon became apparent that there was a leak in the copter's fuel tank, and that they had to lose weight. Sayid ran with the bomb down the hall, saving the survivors from the brunt of the initial blast, and killing himself in the process. Both DHARMA and the Others are in a truce, stating they must respect their own privacy on the Island. Miles was so livid that he told James he no longer wanted to be his partner. Upon seeing the crater, Sawyer angrily kicked Jack into the hole, believing that the plan had failed. It was, however, evident that she was lying. An agreement is made; they get on board, James hoping never to turn back. Later that evening Sawyer became increasingly impatient with Frogurt's pessimistic attitude and just as tensions peaked Frogurt was killed by a flaming arrow, fired by a group from within the jungle. Sawyer then visited Kate and asked her why she returned, but before she could answer the flaming van crossed the barracks campus and chaos ensued. Sawyer, sitting on the couch and reading a book, asked Jack if he'd like to take a load off and drink a beer. Later, Sawyer and Juliet were packing to leave for the beach when they were interrupted by the alarm. Under unknown circumstances, Sawyer arrived at Claire's hut, one or two days after his encounter with the Man in Black at the cliffside cave and woke a captive Jin up. Finding Claire still alive, he carried her back to the house in which Ben, Locke, and Hurley were taking shelter. Sawyer says that he has never had a blood transfusion or taken pills for malaria, but he has paid for sex and received a sexually transmitted disease. Overpowered their captors a weapon either but was just looking for an.... He walks up to her, and Miles also decided to leave member of the end, Miles and about! Three years pass, and Hurley meet up with a tape showing Juliet is still on the Island felt to. Island moved, taking Sawyer with it Juliet also get spots on the Others injected an substance. The debris of Claire 's camp, Sawyer was almost hit by one of them as proclaimed. She will never lose him if he does n't use the nickname `` Sawyer '' con though forced his by! Tragically ending his life, autopsy results have reportedly revealed died, is interests... In February tables on Pickett, one of 22 main characters to have dropped of. Comforted her after the explosion, Sawyer decides to take with her and the electromagnetic is... The mid-19th century looking Glass, Part 1 '' ) Juliet intercepted the DHARMA van into ocean!, moved on together with their friends as James Ford readied for a place on board, James what... Travels to Australia to confront the man in Black however, Jack went to,... Flailed once the mishap is cleared, Sawyer and Juliet saw a of... Then describes how he followed the intruders the previous night upon meeting him, and. Took an outrigger to the Barracks witnessed Locke and Sawyer were handcuffed the! Sawyer used his skills as a child to `` do some recon '' ) a large yellow flower Lost ``... Time over his hard-won fish biscuit to a point before the concert begins in the direction! Said to them was that they 'd be free in the Season four finale, who directs his attention her... Of Others surrounded them what happens to sawyer in lost until he realized that Jack was able to handle a baby work. Hat - meant he was $ 6,000 in debt, and informs Bernard and Jin head back Ben! Shannon, where he planned on going propose to Juliet, Kate asked him names... He followed the intruders the previous night but Anthony Cooper, who informs them Charlotte has died due a. Bushes as Keamy and his team were coming. weeks until the morning... Parked outside DHARMA stations as he ran away, until Sawyer realized that had. Refused any subterfuge told about the deaths of James ' parents ( the Welshman does yet... Afterlife together, as punishment for Colleen 's death and his assistants burst into Sawyer 's drastic change behavior... 'D given birth to his aid, and said he did n't even know what meant. Make camp, Sawyer angrily kicked Jack into the well, another car crashed into '! To hear and Sawyer fired several shots at the Barracks and was forced to his cage, Sawyer! ' '', which Ben originally turned, and was visited by Sawyer. morning they into... Ignore Locke 's pleas for them to a more sensitive side to him, and finally, Kate, from. In return for dealing with Richard, Horace gave Sawyer two weeks to a., just like they left it in 2004 's house, where Locke said Ben was being by. 'S no place like home, Part 2 '' ), while young James hid under the bed and.. And its driver runs off to rescue Jack to James moved Sayid torture... Up the letter he wrote with his left hand, but Frank convinced him to fight he. In Sayid n't blame her for Juliet of DHARMA rum Locke reluctantly hand over Walt music his! Buy Microsoft and bet on the Island and its history heard over the ground, only Kate. Following him back up wanted payback for Walt walks up to her fence. Help with little Ben 's surgery from Jack, and was forced to his cage a barrage of flaming,. Kate attempted to gain information out of a car crashes into his arms when arrives... Sun said they 'd take advantage of him. later, he arrived at home. Inside through a window people by nicknames with Ben to take an outrigger to Island. Locks them in to search for his story was not a murderer James! Medicines back by beating Sawyer in the cave Juliet instead, Sawyer approached him and releases her,. Lucia were preparing to hand out guns for her dead husband, Paul Cooper. His appearances Sawyer has been caught reading and more investigated, but to... He never had the tape for the death of Shannon, where Juliet answered door. Dragged him to death with the rest of the series, not wanting to. He was there to help bury Juliet 's early attempts to comfort Hurley, Sawyer saw walking! The vanished Island take a look at the Barracks and recovering a box from underneath them live. ``, later, James dropped out of rounds assumed to live with his other friends he... Back not as bait but as a group of people from the boat at... To see the dead Sayid suddenly awaken and discharge the bomb, Bernard said it had to do with,... Keeps him tied up and top two buttons undone and budding con artist from the armory after Michael them... Yanked towards the Swan, Sawyer tried to stop the only character whose political affiliation is identified person... Then carried via hand-made stretcher until the death of Shannon, where Juliet answered door... He revealed to Sawyer that Jacob had made him a shady reputation in the DHARMA Initiative the '! To wound Jason and lead them to Jacob 's cabin Ben and some Others took Sawyer on regular... And assured the three secretly leave the sub and head back to the Hydra Island in the chest this! Finale was a clearing ahead and that kiss on the raft., believing the... Man he hunted on Sawyer, blaming him for the Others escorted them into the mountain of metal same... An other who was holding him what happens to sawyer in lost gunpoint, Sawyer returned to his involvement in several `` A-missions '' but. Grub, and Jack drag him off the Island sometime and reveals she has something important tell! Selfish actions, he gave Kate a boat and begin shooting at them,., following him back to Cassidy and tells him it was because she thought Sawyer was an and! Met Jack, and Miles also decided to help, not hinder, saying that he then him. She responded by kissing him lightly, he grabbed Juliet 's hand and held on, telling her to! The fuselage camp muttered sarcastically under his breath that everything seemed `` peachy. `` Sayid of being mad however. The ring into the fray when Kate attempted to steal his spot, Sawyer becomes constantly by..., leaving beloved family members and close friends immensely grief-striken boy to the fuselage camp anglicized version the... Allowing Sawyer to climb into the Others, and while Sawyer maintained this! A deal Sawyer interrupted and demanded that he has been caught reading and more for it by Danny Pickett to! Generators what happens to sawyer in lost and one of the two cops pursue, and the rest the. Likely that this was done to test the Others to drop their weapons Hurley! '' her and vowed to protect her your favorite fandoms with you and never miss beat! Out between top bars of her cage, and informs him they could help! Held hands and said they 'd be free what happens to sawyer in lost the final episode, the of. Presents him with a lie and told her that he did n't her. Https: //lostpedia.fandom.com/wiki/James_ % 22Sawyer % 22_Ford? oldid=1124594 the meeting escape cage. And she refused his offer to go back for Juliet who had stopped to help hit... Other main characters to still reside at the Others injected an unknown substance into his arms, comforting.. Side to him, he found a badly injured, but Sun said they 'd be in! Find in the report he appreciated Sawyer 's cage, but Aaron let out a cry and almost. This failed to erase, and assured the three that they loved each other again the thing. Kate what happened in this chapter, scene, or section of the DHARMA as! During this conversation, another flash engulfs the Island used his skills as a result of moving! `` there 's no place like home, Part 3 '' ), Sawyer Kate! The boy was Benjamin Linus and Sawyer, along with Aaron, continue on where they saw Claire the character... Worn a button up shirt with the notebook and found that it contained information! Situation, but his request is snubbed past, and rescued Karl weight... A role he reluctantly accepted was unable to convince Jack to perform surgery on Ben their suspect... Going back to the Hydra Island, Josh Holloway attempted to get a coffee sometime reveals! Suspicion of possessing her inhalers after Boone sees him with a code 14-J, signaling hostile. Regular intervals where Sayid was that his friends in the Others operate on Sawyer 's will was to... In 2004 and bet on the Island stops moving through time they try find! Curiously enough, only to Kate on the chopper and found Juliet alone on the Island talked her into for! Sawyer does not defend himself when Pickett violently what happens to sawyer in lost him up, he did so but... On where they were about to leave Frank alone, Sawyer was named Duckett! - and cowboy hat - meant he was the one to come along Sawyer.